Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mutli Glitter Comparisons & Best Buys of the Week

Lately, I've been seeing quite of a few multi-glitter nail polishes being introduced. I decided to do a comparison for 3 of them I have. I'll show you pics and give descriptions!

I'll be comparing.
OPI-Mad as a Hatter, Sally Hansen-Rockstar Pink, & Finger Paints Wicked Glitter

I understand some of these photos are blurry, but I added the last picture in on purpose. It's hard to photograph glitters with my camera, but in this blurry picture it does show you the different colors of glitter in each polish.

OPI-Mad As a Hatter- At first glance this looks like it's mainly a silver,purple,and light blue glitter. It is way more than that. In the right lighting this has not only silver,purple, and light blue glitter, it has pink, gold, and green. I'd say since the polish seems to showcase more of the silver,purple,blue glitters it does have a more cool tone than the others. This is 3 coats.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Rockstar Pink
This is magenta glitter with blue and gold glitter mixed in. This is more warm toned as opposed to Mad as Hatter, but just as flashy and glittery. I used 3 coats. The only drawback with this is the formula is very thick. A few drops of nail polish thinner should fix that. That being said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use nail polish remover to thin out nail polishes. I have ruined so many that way. You can pick up nail polish thinner for $3.99 at Sally's Beauty.

Finger Paints-Wicked Glitter This somewhat similar to Rockstar Pink. I'd say in Wicked Glitter each color of glitter is equally dispersed within the polish maybe with an exception of magenta where there is slighty more than the rest. However, unlike the other polishes this at first glance in the bottle you are able to see every single color glitter in it. I used 4 coats of this but it could maybe use 5. That is the only drawback to this one it applies thinner than the rest. I got this at Sally's and it was misplaced. I did some research and I found that his was part of a Limited Edition Glitter's collection. I never saw a display for this, but apparently there was another shade Sapphire Shimmer. These obviously were made with the intention of being dupes to OPI Mad as a Hatter & OPI Absolutely Alice. As you can see Wicked Glitter is not an exact dupe of Mad as Hatter they very different as far as color, but it is cheaper and just as glittery.

As far as I know right now OPI Mad as a Hatter is hard to find except on Ebay, so if you really want a glitter similar but not exactly like it I'd suggest either one of these two. SH Rockstar Pink is usually $2.99, but at CVS this week Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes are on sale for $1.99. Finger Paints Wicked Glitter is $4.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply. I got that one for free though, because Sally's doing buy 2 of any brand nail polish get the 3rd free! There are some good deals there!

Here are the readers best buys of the week. Great job ladies!

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * of Classy H Jewelry got Sally Hansen HARD AS NAILS (purple w/ silver sparkles) for $2.99

Bec of Bec's Beauty Buzz was feeling crafty and bought a few holo glitters, flakie glitter, pinky gold glitter, along with some clear polishes and made her own nail polish. She did this all for $8. Yay, for being creative!

That's all for today!


  1. Those are all cool. How do you get those danged polishes off. I hate taking flakies off so I've been staying away from the glitters.

  2. Foil method. Have you heard of it? Works like a charm. You take aluminum foil cut it into 10 pieces that could wrap around your finger. You get 10 cotton pads and soak them in pure acetone put that on your finger, then wrap the foil around it. You then leave that on for 10 minutes..and the stuff wipes right off.


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