Sunday, April 11, 2010

Don't underestimate a Plain Jane

I went to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, and sadly my Dollar Tree nail polish selection is very limited. All they had were what seemed like hundreds of the same color Maybelline Native Berry. Well, this color isn't exactly the most eye catching or unique color, so I left with nothing. I ended up going back a few days ago and all those Native Berry's were still there, and well I kind of felt bad for them. Yes, I know it's weird to feel bad for inanimate objects, but I did :(, so I ended up getting one these.

Hmm, it's a dusty rose/mauve color. It's nothing exciting or very interesting. It's a very common ordinary color. Then again not all polishes can be like China Glaze Ruby Pumps or OPI Mad as a Hatter.Let's be honest Native Berry probably would get picked last to play on someone's dodge ball team, or more along the terms of nail polish would probably sit in the back of my stash for years untried.

It's not too bad. I like it, but I would never voluntarily choose this out of my other nail polishes. I'm sure we all have some polishes in our stash that don't necessarily wow us. All these polishes need are a little makeover. These are great polishes to use layering on. I used the following polishes to enhance this Plain Jane to a true beauty!

Milani-Raspberry Fusion Tropez-Sassy, Cover Girl- City Lights, Pure Ice- Busted, Love My Nails-Dazzling

Milani-Raspberry Fusion Tropez-Sassy, Cover Girl- City Lights, Pure Ice- Busted, Love My Nails-Dazzling

Now these are just a few of many options! I like all of these with exception of the Pure Ice Busted. I would of done a different one if I had the time, but I didn't. It just goes to show you sometimes it takes trial and error. I think a nice iridescent glitter like Cover Girl-Crystal Mist would look amazing too. My point is don't let some of those not so great polishes go to waste with some tinkering you can create some beautiful combinations!

Tip: Also, I find glitter/shimmer top coats a great way to liven up a manicure you've had for a few days. For instance, you've been wearing a color for a few days and want a change, but don't want to spend the time redoing your nails go ahead a throw on a glitter/shimmer top coat it will create a different look with lots of dimension!

That's all for now!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. I know what you mean about those $ Tree finds, you just never know. Yours turned out to be a winner and I love how you spruced them up and gave them a different flavor. Very cool!


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