Monday, April 26, 2010

Nail Wheel Spam & Best Buys of the Week

No blog today. I have an accounting final tomorrow that I need to be studying for. Blech. Here is some nail wheel spam. This is probably from almost a year a go. My collection has probably tripled since. :P

What are your best buys of the last week?
-What did you buy?
-How much did you pay for it?
-Where did you buy it at?

Have a great Monday!


  1. personally u dont think its about the steady hand. maybe you should just relax and take your time and it will come out how you want everytime.

  2. I bought Sally Hansen one HARD AS NAILS..its a purplee with silver sparkles...$2.99

  3. Hey, good luck on your final, Lady! Ummm, I don't want to begin telling you how much polish I've purchased this week due to my Three 5s post. lol AND I'm going to a bigger city on Wed so look out as I'm hitting TJMAxx, 2 big Walgreens, SAlly's and anything else I can park my car near! Whee!

  4. Good luck with your exam! I'm sure you will ace it. I stuck (mostly) to my buying ban this week. It was really hard, considering I am still waiting for my massive haul from last week to show up. All I bought this week was a few holo glitters from the art shop and a flakie glitter and a pinky gold glitter and some clear polishes and made my own!! I am actually really happy with my home made flakie. So I got four new homemade top coats for $8! Hooray for DIY!
    Also, thanks for the colour wheels, I think they are super helpful, promo pics of polishes are never what you think they will be and to be able to compare and contrast shades so easily is fantastic.


  5. Bec-Way to be crafty I should take stab at making some of my own polishes. I used to do that awhile ago, I don't know why I stopped!

    Lacquer Ware- Can I go on the shopping trip with you? All this stress and studying makes me want to buy a ton of nail polish. Nail polish makes everything better. :P

    c.lette- Thanks for the tip. I definitely need to practice being patient! When I have more time I'll practice doing some art on my nails. :)

    Harjot- Nice find! Sally Hansen has some fun colors that are really affordable!

    Thanks for the well wishes on my test tomorrow everyone!


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