Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red Glitter Comparison Swatches

There are lots of glittery reds out there and many of them could be considered dupes and others are clearly unique. I figured I'd compare the ones I have for you guys. I also will try and give you some detailed descriptions for each one. I did these on a nail wheel because my camera was having a hard time capturing these on my nails.
Here are the ones I'll be comparing..

L-R: Milani-Garnet Gems, OPI-Red Dazzle, BB Couture-Napa Valley Red, Orly-Glam, China Glaze-Ruby Pumps, Maybelline-Red Comet, Milani-Ruby Jewels, Finger Paints-Candy Cane Shimmer, Hardy Candy-Lava

Here are the swatches.
1.Milani-Garnet Gems 2.OPI-Red Dazzle 3.BBCouture-Napa Valley Red 4.Orly-Glam 5.China Glaze-Ruby Pumps 6.Maybelline-Red Comet 7.Milani-Ruby Jewels 8.Finger Paints-Candy Cane Shimmer 9.Hardy Candy-Lava

1. Milani Garnet Gems is a blackened jelly base with red glitter. The glitter in this is little more subdued. You can see it, but it is more noticeable in light or sunlight.
2. OPI Red Dazzle is warm toned red jelly base with gold and red glitter mixed in. This glitter is more noticeable than Garnet Gems.
3. BB Couture Napa Valley Red is deep red/violet jelly base with red glitter. The glitter in here is more subdued on the nail but it really pops in the light.
4. Orly Glam is a medium red-violet jelly base with sparse red,magenta, and silver glitter. The jelly finish in this polish is more of a prominent factor than the glitter. The glitter still does make statement and add dimension to this polish.
5,6, & 7. China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Maybelline Red Comet, & Milani Ruby Jewels by my best judgment are dupes of each other. These are all cooler toned red jelly bases with red glitter mixed in. The glitter in these stands out and really makes for a beautiful polish. If you have one of these I really don't think you need either of the other 2.
8. Finger Paints Candy Cane Shimmer is pink toned red with chunky gold, silver, and pinkish shimmer.
9. Hard Candy Lava is a bright red-orange with red and gold glitter flecks mixed in.

All of these should be easy to find with the exception of OPI Red Dazzle and Finger Paints Candy Cane Shimmer. I have seen OPI Red Dazzle minis being sold on Ebay for under $10. I know I have seen some Finger Paints Candy Cane Shimmer in various Sally's Beauty Supply in their Clearance sections.

BB Couture Napa Valley Red can be found on Overall Beauty. Hard Candy Lava can be found Walmart. The rest can be found at various drugstores, Dollar Tree, Sally's, or different e-tailers.

That is all for now. What are your favorite red glitters?


  1. I love dupe/comparisons. Thank you for doing this - its time consuming. It helps SO MUCH when purchasing polish. I love being able to purchase a less expensive polish that looks like something high priced. And I love knowing not to buy the same color in two different brands. I'd rather spend my money on another color! :D

  2. Yeah, I saw red glitter and couldn't resist. Thankfully, the Maybelline one I found at Dollar Tree.

  3. Napa Valley Red looks really really gorgeous... I want it ! xo


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