Saturday, April 17, 2010

China Glaze-Bing Cherry & New Plants

Before I get into China Glaze Bing Cherry I want to show you my inspiration for it. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to Home Depot looking for plants for our patio. We ended up getting 2 plants a cactus and some flowers.

My boyfriend picked out this cactus. He thought it looked cool. I thinks so too, but I wanted some flowers!

I picked out these flowers. They had some pink ones but I really loved the red, so I decided I'd find a nail polish color to match my new pretty flowers.

Here is the end result I used China Glaze- Bing Cherry. I think it matches nicely. It's learning towards a red-violet creme which goes on smooth and opaque. I used 2 coats.

I think that is all for today. Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I did lots of swatching today for some upcoming posts and have a fun one in store for tomorrow. Also, I notice a lot of nail bloggers have cats that like the "help" them out with their blogging and swatching. My cat is the exact opposite while I was swatching she was completely passed out in a very strange position. She has no interest in nail polish. :P

Have a great Saturday!!!!


  1. Hey Lady! I just awarded you. =)

  2. Does China Glaze's "Bing Cherry" contain toluene?

    I know my "High Hopes" China Glaze doesn't, but I'm not sure about "Bing Cherry".

    Can you confirm, please? Toluene or no toluene for "Bing Cherry"?

    (I tried to Google the ingredients for this specific color, but couldn't find them)


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