Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finger Paints Signed by the Artist

Phew! Yesterday was quite a day, hence the no blog post. That came unexpectedly. My first day back to classes was rather overwhelming and full of work. I don't recall a first day of school being swamped with homework. That all being said I quite enjoyed doing the work. In an effort to work towards changing my major I signed up for a humanities class online. We already have tons of assignments just for the week. I was doing some comparisons of Medieval art pieces vs. Renassiance art pieces and writing a symbolic analysis of Jan van Eyck's "Arnolfini's Wedding" painting.

I feel like I'm in my element again. It's so nice to be able to express my intereptations and insights. It's nice to be challenged and learn other points of view from my classmates. I think I'm on the right path, but it's going to consume my schedule probably more than I thought. That's ok with me though. Please forgive me if I cannot post daily though. I probably will be able to post a few times a week. :)

Anyways in honor of all the art I had to interpret yesterday here is Finger Paints Signed by the Artist!

Signed by the Artist
Signed by the Artist is a light magenta shimmer that also has hints of pink and gold shimmer added to it. I only have a few Finger Paints polishes, but I enjoy all of them. They all have a great formula and I love the artistically named polishes! This is a pretty polish that seems to be lit from within!

I noticed I hit 500 followers yesterday! Thank you all so much for following me. I appreciate the support and I hope to continue to keep you guys entertained and reading. I will probably be hosting a 500 follower giveaway sometime in October. That all being said remember to enter my Back to the Grind giveaway that ends tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. glad to hear about the classes!!! i'm taking a fun course too- intro to sculpture- I have experience with it but its 3 credits of desperately needed A and a relief from physics/diff eq/ dynamics etc... :-)

    good luck with school and I love the color!!

  2. Awesome color for an Awesome woman! I can tell you are in your element being back in school....so good that you enjoy it as much as you do. Here's to you having an awesome school year. :D

  3. I'm glad you went with your heart and signed up for the humanities class. Signed by the Artist is one of my top 5 favorite polishes - such a gorgeous color!!

  4. This color does just glow!!! And look at how nicely you applied it! =) Congrats on 500 followers.


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