Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mint Green: Mission Accomplished

Since the beginning of this blog I have complained about not finding a mint green that works on me. I really was never into the mint green fad for the reason I stated above. It's a rarity for a pastel creme to work on my skintone. They usually make my hands look really red or really sickly. However, I never thought about trying maybe a darker mint green with some shimmer, until I came across Sinful Colors Mint Apple. This is a color I've seen multiple times in stores but bypassed every time assuming like other mints it wouldn't work on me. I finally got to try it thanks to a nice swap with PinkNailBlog!

Sinful Colors Mint Apple
Mint Apple is a medium mint/sea foam green with silver/champagne color shimmer mixed in. I LOVE this shade. This is coming from someone who despised mint colors, so this is saying a lot. I think that the darker color and the addition of shimmer makes it more appealing and work better with my light skintone.  The only issue I had with the polish is the formula was a bit thick and goopy. I was able to thin it out nicely with nail polish thinner.

I never thought I'd ever be able to wear a color like this, so I'm thrilled to now have this in my collection. I am proudly wearing this shade for the next few days. I also never realized that mint green is a nice complementary shade to other colors. This shade would look nice with an array of different outfits.

What is your favorite mint green?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Good for you! I love all Mint Greens! But I know that they are hard to wear for some people... Lately I was impressed with Revlon Top Speed in Jaded (very surprising!)

  2. The only mint I have is from Icing and I haven't tried it yet. This is really pretty! I picked up the bottle in Walgreen's last night but didn't purchase. Thanks for the review!

  3. Looks great! This is also my favorite mint green.

  4. That's a pretty color. I'm surprised you had a thick formula from SF - I usually have really thin stuff from them. Anyway, I only have one mint green and I got that solely for a PHD challenge. IOW: I don't do mint green.

  5. ooh glad you liked it! man I'm so weird.. it really does make me a little sea sick! it's like i'm looking at an ocean.. and it's all wobbly.. i have no idea what the heck is wrong with me..
    yeah i don't know why.. but my all SF glitters get a little thick in my room.. maybe I should keep those sf glitters in the fridge or something.

  6. I love Mint Apple. In fact, I need to pick up a spare for my stash.

    That colour looks good on you. Have you tried Orly Gumdrop? It might work for you, too.


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