Tuesday, August 10, 2010

China Glaze Side Saddle

Do I feel a bit of a chill in the air? Do I see the coming of fall? Not at all! It is still miserably hot out, but I can pretend? I feel like wearing fall colors now just to show summer how over it I am! I even changed my layout to more fall like colors. I'm sorry summer, but you are my least favorite season. I'm ready to move on and I'm so thankful nail polish collections come out months in advance so we all can live in the delusion that it is the upcoming season rather than the current one. :P

Today I'm going to show you China Glaze Side Saddle form the Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva collection. I think I have mentioned before that this has to be one of my favorite China Glaze collections. They really nail it with their rich shimmery shades!

Side Saddle
Is a rich brown with a hint of a deep aubergine color mixed in with a ton of golden/purple shimmer. This is a beautiful fall shade. It's rich,bold, and full of gorgeous shimmer. Have you ever seen chocolate dusted with gold powder? It kind of reminds me of that. It is definitely luxirious and gets me into the autumn spirit.

I could go on and on about how much I love this shade, but it was already getting redundant! I only wish it had magical powers that could bring cooler weather to Florida. I think I'd probably have a better chance at winning the lottery than that!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOL you must be having some blog growing pains...I see you've changed it again. :) This is a fabulous color and we've been in a small heatwave (for us northerners) and it totally sucks so I feel your pain.

  2. Usually browns look awful on me, but I would def get this shade anyway if I saw it for sale somewhere, it's gorgeous! It looks so rich and deep. You can trade states with me if you want... I'd love to live in florida :) we get a pretty good mix of all the seasons here in PA!

  3. *Sends some of our grey and rainy weather your way
    Gorgeous color, I love fall colors as well, they're so rich and warm :)

  4. It's still hot here in NM, too. 92* today. Boooo!!! That's such a great fall color. I can NOT wait for Fall. HURRY UP!!!!

  5. Steph, this is gorgeous! I love this collection too, there's still a few I need to get my hands on from it. Side Saddle is such a yummy, glowing color - your swatches are making me long for fall!

  6. Gorgeous colour! I think it's perfect for fall-winter


  7. The color loooks so nice! It's on my wishlist/to buy list hehe.

    I also tagged you in a recent post on my blog: http://www.necessary-nails.blogspot.com :)

  8. When I first started reading this I was thinking 'the heat has gone to that girl's head!' But then I read on and found you, too, were just musing about my favorite season.

    Can we just use the 'Fast Forward' button on this summer season, please?? ;)

    This is such a beautiful color. I like it too.

  9. very gorgeous and warm color.......... its a shame i used to love summer but with 105 degree weather i'm ready for the fall.

  10. Lacquer- I know! :P I said i wouldn't change it to this until it really was fall.

    Caitlin- It's definitely a surprisingly beautiful shade. I'll trade with you during the summer months. My best friend went to college in PA and said winters were bad! I think I'd get tired of snow. :P

    Shiny- That actually worked it rained some today, but it didn't cool down :(.

    Megan- Ugh I'm with you. NM sounds more tolerable though because it's more of a dry heat. My bf is originally from NM. Him and I need to visit there sometime.

    Nicole- I need to get my hands on more too. I think I have 3 or 4 of them now the ones I was most lemming. I know need to get the rest.

    Necessary- Good item to have on your wishlist. Thanks for the award tag!

    Kimberly- I wish we could fast forward. It needs to fast forward to November when it really gets cool!

    Enamel- I was the same I used love summer too. I think it was because when you're little summer is all about having fun and no school. Bleh, now I don't care too hot for me!


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