Monday, August 2, 2010

Ulta Glam Goth Set

It's rare that I find a set of polishes that I adore each and every one of them, but Ulta Glam Goth is that rare exception. I am so glad that I came across this collection! The whole set was $9.95 and totally worth every penny, even though the bottles are small. These colors are rich, deep, bold, and full of pizazz! <3

Black Lace
Well, Black Lace isn't really black. It's a very deep dark gray creme. This is the only creme of the collection, but it isn't a shy or subtle shade. I love this one, I've been accumilating more grays lately and this is nice addition. I haven't seen any gray polishes that are this dark. It's a nice variation than your typical dark purples, blues, and pure blacks. It's unique.

For Bitten
Now we're talking! For Bitten is my kind of color. I am in love. It is a blackened base mixed in with deep red/burgundy glitter. I'd say this is China Glaze Ruby Pumps evil cousin or something. I absolutely love this original shade! It's so rich vampy and I love to have some tacky room with this type of color with sparkle on the walls.....ok maybe not. It may look like I'm living in a brothel.

Tainted Love
We have another winner here! Tainted Love is beautiful emerald green with green and gold micoglitter mixed in. I'd have to say greens are my least favorite color as far as nail polish goes and my skin tone, but this is a definite exception! I may even throw out there this is my favorite green above China Glaze Emerald Sparkle...shhhhhh no hating!

Underground is a blackened base with teal shimmer throughout. It's another gorgeous color. I love these deep luxurious shades.

After Hours
After Hours is a deep blue-violet with blue,purple, and pink shimmer mixed in. Again, another great one in my opinion. If I HAD to pick a least favorite in the set I'd probably say this one, but it is far from bad or even average. It's still a great color I really like.

I think this is a winning collection. Personally, I don't have any shades in my nail polish collection similar to these. I know I've read other bloggers reviews who say otherwise, but as far as my collection goes these are very unique and beautiful to me. I definitely say this is a must have set!

Do you have the Ulta Glam Goth set? What are you favorites in this collection?

Happy Monday!


  1. I don't have this collection (or any Ulta polishes, in fact), but I may be getting it soon...these all look amazing!

  2. Nice colours! Love the last one

  3. love black lace! great set too.

  4. No, but I NEED it! I had it in my hand at ULTA but when my total skyrocketed we had to part ways. Maybe next month =D. They are gorgeous colors. Thanks for the swatches!

  5. I SOOOOO want this set. I loved the pictures you posted of the boxed set and now that you've swatched is fabulous. I WANT! LOL

  6. lol, you don't live in a brothel?! haha, I personally like Underground, I am very attracted to teal, I'm even wearing a teal shirt today!

  7. I love the last three from the set, Underground, Tainted Love, and After Hours but I don't have the set. Maybe one day! They look great on you

  8. Awesome set! Love tainted love!!

  9. I don't have it, but I will next polish trip to Ulta! Love it!

  10. so glad they still had this when you went! i haven't swatched all mine yet, but i am excited for fall with these colors!

  11. go out and get them now... they are dwindling down to nothing... they have a new collection out now called "I've Got the Denim Blues Collection" All shades of blue denim... super cool.


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