Friday, August 6, 2010

Well Don't You look Familiar?

So, I have done it again. It is inevitable at this point. I got a dupe of a polish color I already have. I think this can be the most frustrating part about looking for polish. I mean you can't bring your whole collection with you to compare colors and it doesn't make sense to take photos of every single one of your polishes and take those with you. I don't think my phone would hold that much data! I think it's an unavoidable dilemma unless you have an amazing photographic memory.

Anyways, in this very rare instance I'm actually glad I found this dupe. It is a Nina Ultra Pro polish that I got on sale at Sally's for $2. I'm not just happy because of the price. I'm happy because it's a dupe of one my most favorite colors of all time.  It doesn't surprise me why I was attracted to it enough to purchase it.

Nina Ultra Pro- Tickle Me Pink
Ok, Tickle Me Pink, is hardly a pink. I'd definitely consider this more of a lighter red-coral loaded with gold shimmer. Red + gold shimmer = instant love for me. It is a gorgeous color!!!

Can you guess this color's twin?....



Zoya Elke
Pretty close huh? It's not an dead-on dupe, but it sure is close. If I had to get nit picky I'd say Tickle Me Pink is smidge lighter and has smidge less sparkle than Elke. I'm not complaining though. Zoya Elke is my all time favorite Zoya. I think even requested in my blog about it awhile back that they should rename this one Stephanie :P. Tickle Me Pink is a nice addition to my collection as a back up for Elke. Plus, I paid $2 for as opposed to $7 Zoya price so how could I go wrong?

Have you ever unknowingly found a dupe of a color you love?

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh I can see why you love this color :)
    I haven't found exact dupes, but close enough, it sucks :P Although when it's a polish you love, it's nice to have a backup!

  2. $2 you can't go wrong! It is a drool-worthy color for sure~

  3. This is really pretty, I'll def be picking up the 2 dollar version instead of the Zoya! It is kinda a bummer when you get a dupe of a polish you already own though :/


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