Monday, August 9, 2010

Claire's Glam + 4 Things

I don't think I realize how much I love glittery polishes until I put them on. Sparkle=happiness. I realized I rarely wear full on glitter polishes. I may wear polishes that are color mixed in with glitter, but ones that are pure glitter are rarity for me. I'm not sure why exactly because I love them so much! Claire's Glam is one I definitely love!

Glam is an aqua/turquoise glitter suspended in a clear base. I ended up layering this over black polish, but if you wanted you could probably do it 4 coats on it's own. I LOVE it over black. It gives the polish so much dimension. It looks very mermaid-y. I think I wore this manicure for 4 days and only took it off because I ended up chipped it opening up package. :(

I was also tagged by Polish Freshie for the 4 things tag! Thank you! I tag anyone else who wants to do this :P.

4 things in my bag/purse
* Highlighter
* 5 tubes of lipgloss
* Wallet
* Hand Sanitizer

4 favorite things in my room
* TV
* Makeup vanity
* Bed  (I love sleep)
* Perfumes

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
* Travel all over Western Europe
* Swim with dolphins
* Design my own house
* Live on the central coast of CA and open up a little store :P

4 things I’m currently into
* Nail polish
* Really trashy reality television (i.e. Real Housewives of _____)
* History (been doing a lot of reading & watching documentaries on The Dark Ages, World Wars, the holocaust, etc) I'm interested in the human psyche and why it's so easy for people to do disgusting and horrible things to others. That ruined the mood of the survey!
* Star Trek because I'm nerd. :P

Do you like glittery polishes? What are you some of your favorites?

Happy Monday!


  1. I love that nail polish. I never wear glitters often enough, even though I love them. I just don't like when there isn't enough glitter in the clear base so you just get random sparkles. SH Rockstar Pink and Strobe Light are really good, dense glitters.

  2. Pretty! Is it a PIA to remove with all the glitter?

  3. Pretty! Is it a PIA to remove with all the glitter?

  4. I love glam :o

    5 tubes of lipglosses? haha

  5. Love love love glitter polishes! Pure Ice makes this bright blue one (don't remember what it's called) I haven't used in forever. This aqua is such a mesmerizing hue =)

  6. Love this color! I don't usually wear full on glitter polishes much myself either but I do love glitter... I think what puts me off is the removal, so I usually use glitter for layering over another color

  7. I'm a glitter 'ho so I like it lots. And just how many holidays can you get mileage out of this beaut! Tons!

    Nice swatching! ;D

  8. Michelle- SH Rockstar is one of my faves!

    Megan- Actually this one came off pretty easily. I always remove glitters with 100% acetone so w/ that it came off easily. I know other glitters are more difficult like Mad As Hatter even with pure acetone!

    Amused- 5 LOL I know. They're 5 different colors I like to have them on hand so with whatever I'm wearing I have something to touch up with :P

    Freshie- Are you talking about Strapless? I need to get that one it's so pretty!

    Jana- Yeah that is a problem the removal is a pain in the butt. This one came off easy though, but I know some others are a nightmare!

    Kimberly- Yay another glitter fan. Holidays are meant for glitter!

  9. I see the background has been changed to red...and that you've got 464 followers now! That's very fast...I almost feel jealous because now we have to share you and your awesome swatches! :P

    I really quite like this colour, I've never tried glitters before but I really want to.

  10. im the same with you! i looove glitter polishes when its on! ;)

    oh, just so you know, i tagged you in my recent post :)


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