Saturday, August 7, 2010

Confession: Nail Polish Splurging

 ***Lots of rambling here!***

I started a poll the other week asking if you splurge on a nail polish brand that is over $10 what brand would you splurge on and would you even splurge? Here are the results.

Nfu Oh: 28%
Chanel: 16%
Illamasqua: 15%
Nars: 1%
Deborah Lippmann 17%
Dior: 0%
MAC: 1%
RBL: 14%
Other: 4%
Wouldn't Splurge- 4%

Before I get into more chit chat. If you are new to this blog you may not know that I only will review nail products that are under $10. This is just my philosophy on nail polish from personal standpoint. As a college student higher end nail polish isn't something I can really purchase because of the price, and I don't think you get any less of an amazing nail polish experience without purchasing higher end polishes. I'm not against people who purchase or want to have higher end polish. I just don't want anyone one in my position to feel they need to buy a higher end brand because it maybe a current fad. 

I think this was the issue I didn't present clearly in my previous Chanel Paradoxal Rant. My issue with it was I didn't really want people who don't feel they need to spend extra money on nail polish or really can't spend extra money on nail polish feeling as if they need to buy a particular polish because it is the current trend. I did try and franken Paradoxal as challenge to my argument.

My argument with higher end polishes was that many of them are dupable by frankening or finding a cheaper brand. If, that's not the case usually a lesser expensive brand will creative a similar color. This of course is not true for every polish though. I made note of Deborah Lippmann glittery polishes and Nfu-Oh flakie polishes being a good example of a brand I could understand people may want to spend some extra cash on because they are so unique and would be more difficult to dupe. That all being said I think I was a little harsh on Paradoxal lovers. I still do not want Paradoxal or do not plan on purchasing it, but I didn't make note that I think even if you're in my financial situation that I think it's ok to splurge once in awhile and  buy a bottle of something that you wouldn't normally purchase. 

I sound like I'm backpeddling and hypocritical now don't I? Ugh. The reason is I splurged. I committed bargain buying sin. Instead of having almost 400 bottles of nail polish under $10 I now I have one that is over $10. I must admit from the standpoint of this blog I feel guilty for purchasing it. However, I will not review it on this blog or endorse it as must have, because it isn't. It's just a color a really liked and felt why not? It's a rare occasion that will probably only happen once or twice a year. In fact in my almost 2 years of collecting it's my first over $10. LOL, I'm so defensive!  So, with that being said I apologize to those Paradoxal fans I was so hard on and I apologize to my readers who may feel I'm being hypocritical purchasing a polish outside of my under $10 theme. 

I still stand strong towards my under $10 philosophy. As I said before all except one bottle of polish I have is under $10. I still do not think you need to spend outside your means or more than you think is worth spending for amazing nail polish. That will continue to be the theme of this blog. I will not put any product over $10 on this blog. At the same time I don't see the harm in occasional splurging if you're in similar case as mine or just don't like to spend a lot on nail polish. I'm no the rule setter here and there are no guidelines it just depends on the person. For me my occasional splurging will probably be a once or twice a year event while others it maybe monthly. My main thing here is don't feel like you need to spend beyond your means or what you feel comfortable spending unless it's something you genuinely love versus what everyone else is buying. 

That all being said, I'm sure those of you still with me are wondering what the culprit polish was that I splurged on. Well, the culprit polish is Deborah Lippman Across the Universe. It was treat for my birthday, but regardless of the timing that it came out I probably would of purchased it anyways. $18 is REALLY steep for me in terms of nail polish. I cringe just thinking about it now. I feel so guilty guys I really do!!! I hope you all don't hate me for this :P. 

What polish brand would you splurge on? Would you even splurge at all? Do you find me a hypocrite for splurging? :(

Happy Saturday!


  1. Not at all hun!! lol I think if we could get Lippman here I would of gotten them too!! lol luckily I was saved by them being across the pond

    Genrally my limit for myself is £3 - if I want something high end I ask for it as a gift or whatever.

    Saying this I will happily for swaps buy Illimasqua, or pricier lines- but not for myself!!

    I feel your pain, as a fellow student!!


  2. Don't feel guilty! You're human~ I can appreciate that you're admitting to it and not hiding it. Sometimes we deserve to treat ourselves. I had a convo with a co-worker the other day and she is a huge saver and never buys anything. That's awesome, I wish I had a larger savings account but the truth is I work really hard for my money and when I have a little extra (especially in my 20's) I feel I deserve a treat. Who the heck want's to use their pay check for bills only?! Plus you're not going to review it on your site so it's not taking away from your budget focus.

  3. i can't wait to see it on you! i appreciate the time you obviously put into this post, and don't apologize or feel like you are backtracking. a blog is your opinion. and it is your prerogative to change your opinion! (thought i feel like buying paradoxal and sending it to you just to see if you would wear it!!! lol)

  4. I agree with Freshie--no need for you to feel guilty! It doesn't sound like this was an impulse buy but something you thought about and made a conscious decision to purchase. I wouldn't even mind seeing it on your blog--an under $10 person's perspective on an over $10 polish.

    I'm fortunate to be in a place in my life where I can afford to splurge, and I do, though I think harder about getting the high end brands than I do about scooping up drugstore brands.

  5. Your blog. Your sandbox. You say what you say and no apologies needed.

    I think that a special splurge once in a great while on a simply irrisistable polish is not at all hypocritical. And, I certainly understood from your earlier posts that you weren't bagging on anyone who chooses to buy higher priced polishes. Heck, if I could afford them...

    But I get perfectly lovely polishes for under ten clams a bottle, too. Suits me, suits my budget.

    If I were to splurge on higher priced polishes? I have a list of Nfu-Oh I would love to own, a few RBLs, a few Lippmans, a couple of Chanel. An Illimasqua or two... Maybe one day... ;)

  6. Of course I don't hate you! From my point of view, you don't need to apologize for anything - splurging once in a while is not hypocritical or a sign of weakness or anything, it is perfectly fine.

  7. I don't like to spend too much on nail polishes...I think that more than 10€ is an excesive price for a nail polish...

  8. Like other commenters, I don't think you need to spend one bit of energy on feeling guilty. We all need a little splurge now and again, and let's be honest here, one $10 bottle of nail polish is a little splurge. (50 bottles wouldn't be.)

    I understood your point in your rant just fine - that if you want to spend more, fine no problem, but you don't HAVE to, and you're not somehow inferior if you don't. Some of my favorite polishes are the ones I got from Dollar Tree at 50 cents each (a two pack for a dollar!).

    My own rule is the more expensive the polish, the more unique the color must be, and the more I must LOVE it before I'll even think about buying it. It's a very high hurdle for a polish to leap, but once in long while they do.

  9. Don't feel guilty! Everybody splurges from time to time. And since it was your birthday, it was the perfect reason to splurge! Besides...$18 is THAT bad (I've heard of much, much worse). At this point, I think the most I've spent on a polish is $7, but I'm sure that'll change in time. If I *could* spend more on polish, I would jump at the chance to get some Nfu Oh - they have those awesome flakies and amazing holos. *sigh* If only money was as easily gained as spent.

  10. I think this is an interesting post, but I think you have two points missing.

    1. Cost as a function of time.
    I think if a person's goal is to have and enjoy many colors within their own budget, than certainly having a personally-set maximum budget per bottle makes a lot of sense. However, from my wallet's standpoint, if money is what matters then it's much more important to have a budget per week/month/year. I would say, set a budget and maximize your happiness under your budget. If you've limited yourself to spend $40 this month, it's up to you whether you'd be happier with 40 Wet 'n Wild colors or 2 Lippman colors. One example of a really good argument for the Lippman colors is a busy mom or professional who only has time to do their nails every 10 days or so - what are you going to do with 40 colors?

    2. Resellability
    I've never participated in this, but I know there is a strong market for limited edition cosmetics, (I'm thinking MAC in particular), and I feel at least Chanel nail polishes are in the same category. If it's limited (low supply) and trendy (high demand) you even stand a chance to make a profit! I am aware there are <$10 polishes that fall into this category too, but I'm thinking of the Chanel Jade craze not too long ago...

  11. OPI here is NZ$25, which is US$18, so pretty much every polish I own is a 'splurge' :) I never feel guilty at all. Nail polish is a better addiction than drugs or something else just as bad.

  12. I love affordable polishes as well and believe they are just as good as high end stuff, but every now and then, I feel a splurge is fine. I recently bought an Nfu Oh flakie, and it was totally worth it. I wouldn't get a dupeable color from a high end brand that I could get for much less, but if it's a really unique color, I say go for it. Across the Universe looks totally awesome, great choice for a splurge :)

  13. I got 2 Chanel polishes as a birthday gift (including paradoxal) and as much as I love them I dont think I would go out and purchase them for myself. The formula and colors arent made of diamonds and gold. What makes my Chanel polishes special for me is that someone who loves me got them for me- its not really the polishes themselves.

  14. I'd say that 90% of my collection is made up of under $10 polishes! There's nothing to worry about there and I myself don't get the hype of Paradoxal - for that matter, I am not kicking myself for never having picked up Jade either. I have a couple of polishes that are close to Jade, and I have a great recipe for a Jade franken if I really want to give that a try. I just haven't seen any pictures of Paradoxal that have drawn me in!
    Now, I did splurge last year and bought myself 3 Nfu Ohs. Having tried them, I would splurge again on them - they're excellent and well worth the money, so unique. I have 4 Lippmann polishes - they were sent to me, but I would splurge on AtU, I would. She makes some stunning and very unique polishes.
    However, splurging isn't something I do all the time, but it's nice to give yourself a treat once in a while - I don't think you have anything to apologize for!

  15. Everyone needs to splurge once in awhile its not a big deal..

    Across the universe is deff splurge worthy..

    You work hard and have a right as does anyone to choose what you spend it on and if its worth it to you then by all means do it and to heck with anyone else, nothing to apologize or feel bad over.

  16. I can understand how you are feeling because I sometimes splurge. And I think you're allowed to do so once in awhile. :)

  17. Don't be so hard on yourself! :) I agree with everything you've said about polishes over $10. As an unemployed high school student, I can't afford to spend even more than $5 on polishes on a regular basis. If there's an expensive polish out there that has a cheap dupe, of course I'm going to go for the dupe.

    That being said, it's okay to buy something really expensive once in a while, especially if it's something you feel like you NEED to have.

    You don't need to backpedal or anything... I didn't see anything wrong with your post, in fact I totally agreed with it.


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