Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro Say Cheese + Tag

In stark contrast to yesterday's fall-like post today's nail polish will be full of the brightness of summer. Yesterday even though it was hot ended up being a torrential downpour day. One of the things I do have a love/hate relationship with in summer is the stormy afternoons we have in Florida. It's love or hate depending on if I'm home or out. If I'm out it's definitely a hate thing. Yesterday, I had some errands to do with my boyfriend and I was determined to beat the rain. When we left the house it was sunny with a few clouds, but I never let that fool me. On our last errand the sky went from partly cloudy to almost as black as night with the wind howling. Mission failed. I thought I could make it home in time, but mother nature had other plans. I think we got the brunt of the rain while driving home. We got home safely and of course within 5 minutes of being home the rain stops. :P

I love the storms when I'm home. You'd think the rain would cool things off, but it doesn't. It never rains that long so even if it cools the temperatures down the sun comes back out and heats up the icky moisture left in the air from the rain and it's like being in a sauna. Ok, I really went off on a tangent there! Sorry. :)

Say Cheese
 Say Cheese is a bright neon warm-toned pink with slight silvery shimmer throughout. I really love this shade. This past summer I think I went a bit overboard on wearing cremes. I'm a little bored buy cremes right now, so this neon shade plus the shimmer is exactly up my alley these days! This went on nicely with 3 coats. Plus, it was $2 in the clearance section at Sallys, so I can't argue!

Next up I got this lovely Sweet Friends award from Katrina & Necessary Nails! Thank you. :)
The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 Things I Like:
- Nail Polish- does this need an explanation?
-Holiday Season- I  like the smells, the pretty decorations, the lights, it actually being COOLER outside!
-My parents- They are my rock. I'm probably too old to be so attached to my parents, but I am. I love them so much
-My boyfriend- He's very sweet and I always count on him. I love just doing nothing with him and laughing at stupid silly things.
-My cat- I have no interest in kids, but I love my cat like she's my baby. :P
-Traveling- I haven't traveled in 3 years, but it's my favorite thing. I want to explore the world
-Star Trek- I'm a trekkie and enjoy all Star Trek series, my favorite being the severely underrated Deep Space Nine
-Kathy Griffin-I love how she shameless self promotes herself and says exactly what is on most peoples mind. She cracks me up all the time. I'd love to see one of her shows.
-Literature/Art History/History-Yeah that's more than one thing. I just enjoy historical literature,art, events, etc. I enjoy learning for fun. I'm nerdy :P
-Air conditioning....Yep.

My Tags:
- Lacquerware for Tips & Toes
- PinkNailBlog
- Polish Freshie
- Oooh, Shinies!
- Kitschy Suburbia
- Libby's Pink Vanity
- Never Unpolished
- Lorraine Nails
- Sassy Beauty
- Enamel Girl

+ and of course I tag anyone else who wants this award/tag too!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I don't think we can ever be too old to love and enjoy our parents. ;)

    Thank you for the lovely tag. :)

  2. Wow, that is BRIGHT. Thanks for the tag!

  3. What a great color - though the name kinda throws me. LOL Thanks for the tag. I'm going to put it in my post today. <3

  4. mm liking this color! haha

    yeah i wish i was a little like that kathie lady..

    i'm too freakin nice..sometimes people take advantage of it...

    i feel i'm like that kenneth guy from 30 rock!

    i can't stop being nice! though!!

    i think i'm going to pretend to be a fierce lady, don't take crap from people/'bitch-slap' lady

    one day or week and see if I like it.. haha

    thanks for the tag! my first.. will try to do this! :-D

  5. Great nail colour!

  6. That is so bright! Its so perfect for summer! I love it.

  7. Ohhhh I LOVE the colour with the subtle shimmer. We don't have this brand over in New Zealand - we miss out on sooo much :(

  8. Wow, that is BRIGHT. Thanks for the tag!


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