Sunday, August 22, 2010

Color Club Wham! Pow!

I wasn't planning on doing this color today, but an experience at CVS inspired me to do this polish. It was a very "Wham! Pow!"-ish encounter, but not in a pleasant way. I'll explain later. I got this polish from Ross that came in the Poptastic collection with 6 other polish for $7.99! A great deal for a nice variety of colors if you ask me!

Wham! Pow!
Unfortunately, this was so flourescent my camera didn't cpature it correctly. This is a bright, in your face, blinding, neon, carrot orange creme. You will definitely be making statement wearing this bright shade. I love these bright shades, but I think I'd feel better about this on my toes. :P

Ok, about my CVS experience. I walked in to CVS yesterday to of course look at nail polish. I walk in and there is a massive line to check out. I started browsing then I hear this screaming and yelling in the front. This lady was yelling at these poor employees in front over a coupon. She had just spent $48 in the pharmacy and received a coupon to get $5 off $20+ on her next purchase, so she started shopping for more stuff. She went to the front to check out and only spent $13 and still wanted to use the coupon. The employee said she needed to spend more to use the coupon, and she threw a 3 year old temper tantrum fit. It was insane. She was screaming and yelling at these people because she felt she was entitled to use the coupon since she previously spent $48 at the pharmacy. She screamed about how bad CVS is with customer service. Then she started an interrogation of each employee in front asking for their full names and their store number so she can report them to the corporate office. She was obviously screaming to try and draw attention to herself, as if what she was saying would get people to back her up or something. She sounded not only sounded like a huge b*tch, but psychotic. She stood there screaming at these people who were nothing but calm and cordaial to her for 20 minutes wasting their time and all those people waiting in line.

Ugh people can be so terrible! I really was so mad at how she was treating these people I wanted to tell her to bleep herself! I refrained though. I really hate the saying "the customer is always right" because that isn't always true. There are people out there who thrive off complaining and making people working for their living lives miserable because they think they're holier than thou. I'm sure CVS wasn't the only victim of this nasty woman. Ugh, very frustrating. I get so worked up just re-telling the story. Blech. That was my Wham! Pow! moment I wasn't expecting that going for a leisurely trip to CVS!

Happy Sunday


  1. i hate that!
    i work at a pool and the people who come to swim get so mad about every little thing, like calm down it's just swimming! we lifeguards get mad cuz they think it's our job to like mediate their problems like if you swim circles or if you split the lane or whatever, but NO our job is to save you if you get injured NOT to solve your god damn problems! ahahha so yes i feel bad for workers who get treated badly by their customers!
    i love wham pow though!

  2. great color <3
    I wish I could get some of these sets, one CC nail polish costs more than that around here :S

    ps: som people are just crazy, don't stress about it too much :)

    also, If you are interested in an european swap (s-he, essence, miss sporty, catrice), drop me a line at:, I really wish I could get my hands on more CC polishes <3

  3. Awesome color on you. I hate when the camera goes all wonky on a color.

    Rude people.....such a topic that I just can't get into it on a comment cuz I'd go on for quite some time. :P

  4. What a psycho!! A few weeks ago some crazies were harassing Chipotle employees so I gave them a tip =D. Love the orange!!

  5. I hope I can find this set @ Ross.
    I love the orange. :O) Thanks for sharing.

  6. We witnessed a man get loud and nasty with a waiter in, of all places, Golden Corral. The waiter did nothing to the guy but just started to go off on him. He complained to the manager but, my hubs told the manager just what happened and how the waiter had been very nice. I think it was obvious to all that this very large man was trying to get a free meal.

    What a great find at Ross! I was there and TJ Maxx on Friday and didn't find a thing.

  7. I think this is a nice in your face orange!!

  8. It's true, some people are so mean these days...

    I was in Rite Aid the other day and this guy was at the front and he was yelling at the cashier about something stupid... she had said "Can I take the next person in line?" and apparently there was this big debate over who was next in line so the guy was yelling at her. As you can tell I didn't see the whole thing so I don't know all the details, but this guy was really launching an attack on her and wouldn't just drop the subject. I could tell she was embarrassed b/c it was drawing attention. The manager finally had to come out and talk to him.

    Once he left, the manager asked the cashier what had happened and she really had no clue what she had done to set him off. She had just asked for the next person in line and the next thing she knew this guy was all up in her face.

    Yes, some people are just crazy :P and some people just like to start fights.

  9. i am in LOVE with this color. It looks so amazing!!! and, i think it'd be really great sponged with red and and/or yellow into a fade.

  10. @Smita-Ugh, that's ridiculous. I bet that gets so old!

    @Ancek- Thanks! No worries I don't stress much. Thanks for the offer to swap. I'd love to, but right now international shipping can be a bit costly for me. Hopefully in the future we can swap!

    @Lacquer-I'd give them a tip too. People treat people in the service and retail industry like crap sometimes. Ugh.

    1xeullus-You're welcome. I haven't seen the Popstastic collection recently, but I did see the Yacht Club and Rebel Debutante ones. I think it just depends on your Ross. I hope you find them!

    Kimberly-I hate too. It's SO obvious the people who complain at restaurants who just want to get a free meal. People are so greedy and inconsiderate.

    Spaceinvaders- It sure is!

    Deanna-People need to find better things to do with their lives. Spending so much energy and time over coupons and who is next in line. Really? I just hate how they attack people as if they get pleasure out of getting them angry. It's so childish and stupid.

    Tara-Thanks! Oooh that sounds like it would be really cool!


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