Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cover Girl Pink Twinkle

My boyfriend and I took a spontaneous trip to Target yesterday to buy tomatoes,zucchini, and an alarm clock. I know incredibly random. We were on the way to the front to check out when my boyfriend spotted the clearence section. I spotted nail polish there and he immediately went "Oh no why did I have to find this?" and jokingly rolled his eyes. I think he tolerates my nail polish addiction :P. I spotted this really pretty glittery top coat by Cover Girl called Pink Twinkle. It was originally $4.42, but it was on clearance for $2.12.

Pink Twinkle layered over Milani Pink Pop
 Pink Twinkle layered over Savina Coy
I am SO excited about this find! I'm so used to seeing polishes with iridescent glitter that is on the cool side. The glitters flash blue or green. I haven't been able to find polishes were the iridescent glitter is warm and flashes pink and gold. All that being said, Pink Twinkle is a sheer pink with pink and gold iridescent glitter. It's so pretty. It looks like a sparkling sunset in a bottle! I think I like it better over the neon pink than the coral color. I'm thinking this would look great over a lighter orange too. You could layer it over anything you wanted really!

This is a great little find. I have to thank the boyfriend for even though he probably wishes he kept his mouth shut in the first place. No worries, I paid for it. I don't subject him to buying my polish! :P

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sounds like my hubby! HaHa - this is on my wishlist and it wasn't at my Super Target. Boo~ guess I'll have to keep looking it's so purdy.

  2. Oooo, that's pretty! I'm really into gold shimmer/flash right now. Too bad my Target didn't have this one. :(

  3. That looks great! Are those flakies?

  4. I had almost the same thing happen! Hubby and I ran to Target to get a few very random things. One was even an alarm clock! LOL! I'm the one who spotted the clearance though. I found Pink Twinkle, and had to buy it. I am in love with it! :-) It looks great on you....I'm thinking I want to try to find the rest of these now. I think there is a purple,orange and reddish one as well.

  5. Its a good topcoat color and looks excellent over the chosen base lacquer on you. And for me it was a good frankening lacquer. I don't do pinks but this was given to me in a swap so I frankened it into a glittery purple jelly. It was awesome. LOL

  6. i posted this on mine too but didn't know if you'd see it:

    lucky! I had a nice enough day- the professor made a funny joke, he said the study of space and its birth/death is cosmology, but it should be called cosmetology because it's the study of the "make-up" of the universe... bahah. I giggled.

  7. Freshie-I hope you can find it. My BF has in instant reaction of "Ohhhhh nooo" if I spot nail polish" :P

    Melanie-Thank you for sharing. I just started following.

    cupcakequeen22-I'm sorry :(

    Megan- Thanks, nope they're not flakies, just glitter but I think it's just as pretty. :)

    @Lily Nail @Oh My Polish- Thanks!

    Ali-You never know when you need an alarm clock. My bf is making fun of the one I got because each number is a different color. He calls it a clown clock..but I like it :P. I'm glad you found Pink Twinkle. I love Cover Girl glitter top coats. I need to get the purple one. I have City Lights, Crystal Mist, Gold Rush, & Ruby Dust they're all great!

    Lacquer-Oooo I'd love a purple jelly franken made out of this. I may have to get the other bottle I saw and experiment!

    Tara-Haha, that's good sounds like you have a funny professor. That always makes a class more fun!

  8. that is really pretty. i love finding discount polishes. i saw a few milani's for $2.99 today but i was trying to be good so i went home empty handed :(


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