Thursday, August 19, 2010

China Glaze Moulin Rouge

I love glittery polishes, but what is even better is glittery jelly polishes. China Glaze gave us this when they released their specialty collection last fall. This collection consisted of a TON of packed full of glitter polishes. I think they had about 30. It was a gorgeous collection, but besides beauty did these deliver performance wise. I'm going to have to vote no, but I'm wondering if it's just me? I'll get in this later.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge is a bright red-pink jelly with iridescent glitter mixed throughout. It's a gorgeous fun color that the glitter really enhances. That all being said I am not sold on the formula or the formula of the other glitters from this collection. I've had same experience with the other glitters. Please note this is only my experience, so I could be the only one with these issues!

1. These chip like crazy within hours of just putting it on.
2. The formula is a mess. The formula is thick, yet the pink jelly base doesn't necessarily seem jelly to me. Unlike, glittery colors like Emerald Sparkle & Ruby Pumps where the glitter and jelly base seem to gel together to create a smooth finish, this does not. The base of color seems to come off looking more like a sheer wash of color rather than jelly. I know this doesn't necessarily make since the formula is goopy and thick, but when it dries the base color looks as if it's too thin for the glitter mixed in. It doesn't have the correct balance which leads too.....
3. This polish feels gritty and looks uneven on the nail. Even with three layers of top coat I don't get smooth shiny finish.
4. This is a pain in the butt to remove, but that's not unheard of with glitter polishes.

I've had the same exact issues with Bad Kitty, Preppy Pink, Mango Maddness, & Dynasty. I'm wondering if it's just me, because I haven't found any blogs talk about these issues. I've tried these with 3 different base coats, Sally Hansen Double Duty, CND Sticky, & Orly Bonder, and had the same results. I used the same combo of top coats I always use first Revlon Extra Life Top Coat follow by Seche Vite.

Here is a picture about 6 hours after wear
As you can see there is tip wear and some chips along the sides of my nail. About an hour later a big chunk of polish came off half my index finger. I ended up repainting it, just to decide to take it all of a few hours later. I couldn't stand the uneven look and the chipping.

Am I doing something wrong? Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else having these issues too with these?!? I'd really love to know because these are gorgeous polishes, but I am so disappointed with the formulas I don't want to bother wearing them.  :(

Thanks for any advice or feedback!

Happy Thursday!


  1. It's so pretty, too bad the formula blows =(

  2. That's such a gorgeous color. I have a few of the glitters from this collection, and I had all of those problems you did. :\

  3. aww such a pretty color to have all those issues. i really like the watery effect (probably not describing this correctly)

  4. Ahh what a shame, it's beautiful!
    I don't have any of the polishes you listed, but I find that sandwiching chippy polishes with top coat helps to prevent the chipping.
    And maybe try a little bit of polish thinner, to help with the formula.
    Hope you find something that works, it's a great color :)

  5. Thanks for the post! I hadn't even heard of this color, and probably would have grabbed it immediately! But now, I'll steer clear! :)

    Is Atlantis and Meteor Shower included in this collection?

  6. Hi: After the base coat, have you tried to polish the tips of your gorgoeus nails first, (even underneath) then apply (for this polish I would use at least 3-4 coats, let them dry between each coat and then a top coat with a diamond hardener, then another coat that will seal all the coats together.

    Maybe with this type of polish you need to be extra special to make because it has a tendency to chip more than other polishes. Not sure.

    Love your web blog. Hope that helps.


    Mc Huggs :)


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