Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Color Club Pucci-licious

What is pucci? What is pucci-licious? I have no freaking clue. I looked up the word thinking I wasn't in on some inside joke that everyone seemed to know about except for me. However, the only results I came up with were with this polish? Is this just some made up name for giggles? Pucci-licious came in the Poptastic collection I got at Ross. The colors in this collection are neons, but this purple I wouldn't necessarily call it a neon.

Pucci-licious is a bright vibrant violet creme. This leans slightly on the blue side. The reason I don't think it is a neon is this isn't a blinding shade. It's not like the others in the collection or like the China Glaze Poolsides. I think of it as a punched up lavender. I love this shade. I'd have to say it's one of my favorite purples. I have soft spot for purples. It was my favorite color as a kid. This color reminds me of one of the font color choices on the old school AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) I used to use. The application of this was alright. I did have some bald spots as you can see, I could of used a 3 coat and it would be perfect. The finish on this without top coat reminds me of the Orly Plastix finishes. It's not my cup of tea, so I put top coat over it.

What are some of your favorite purples?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice neon color on you. The name is funny to! LOL

    I believe the name is a play on the Pucci portion for the name of Italian fashion designer
    Emilio Pucci. :O) Thanks for sharing

  3. Cool! I love this color. It would make a nice oolor for a dress too.

  4. Nice one, have to get it as well sometime :)
    And hmm, favo purple, that's hard, lol.
    *looks at nail wheels, I can't choose! :P

  5. This color is so special! :) Lovely!

  6. I love this color. It's one of my favorites. I think the name is a nod to the fashion designer Emilio Pucci as he is known for incorporating bright colors into his clothing, but don't quote me.

    Other purples I adore:
    China Glaze Spontaneous *all time fav
    OPI Do you Lilac it?

  7. 1xellus1 nailed it, it's after Emilio Pucci, drooly-worthy colors and this beauty fits right in ~ I have it in my untrieds and have been staring at it with excitement.

  8. Favorite purple? *looks around at the mass of purple nail polishes* I can't pick just one...

    Towards the top of the list are China Glaze Grape Pop, China Glaze Let's Groove (I can't stop staring at my nails every time I wear this!), and Revlon's Tropical Chrome, from which I took my screen was a limited edition, but China Glaze Harmony is a dead on dupe!

  9. I believe Pucci is a reference to a 1960's fashion designer.

    My favourite purple is China Glaze Grape Pop!

  10. Love this color! I agree that it's named after the designer, Pucci.

    I love Color Club Wild at Heart because it's purple AND holo, hehe

  11. this is gorgeous and you captured the true color. hmmmm, i'm not sure what my favorite purple is. i want to say DS Mystery but its an untried. does that count, lol?

  12. Thank you everyone for telling me about Pucci. I saw Pucci come up in results but I thought it was just a name for fake Gucci stuff LOL. I have ZERO fashion knowledge.

    @Lacquer- It is a funny word to say. It does rank up there with smock!

    @Tinna @1xellus1- Thank you!

    @JW-Oh yeah, I bet that would make a great dress color. I'd love to wear that color as a dress!

    @Shiny!-I know it's hard to pick favorites. I always have many favorites!

    @Ivana- I think it's special too. Thanks!

    @Gina-Spontaneous is a great purple too!

    @Freshie-You must take it out of your untrieds you won't be disappointed!

    @TropicalChrome-Grape Pop is one of my other favorite purples! I love how you chose a screen named based off of your favorite polish. :)

    @Serena-Grape Pop is one of my favorites too!

    @Midge- I need to get Wild at Heart. You can't go wrong with purple + holo!

    @Enamel Girl- Yes that counts! I really need to get my hands on more of DS OPIs!


  13. LOVE this color on you. Wish I could afford REAL Pucci!


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