Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Del Sol Rock Star

Hey guys! Sorry, for the lack of post yesterday, and not replying to comments. School has been hectic. My cat also went into the vet on Monday for her annual vaccinations, and the vet said one of them may cause her to have a fever and not feel. Of course, she wasn't feeling well later that night and all day yesterday. Wet canned food seemed to do the trick and liven her up, so she's been doing better now. I hate when she's not feeling well. I feel so helpless, plus I'm always so paranoid. It's not a good combo. :P

Back to nail polish! Rock Star is another Del Sol color changing polish I got. I really enjoy these polishes. I prefer them over the Claire's Mood color changing ones. The formula is better, the color selection/finishes are better, and they change color in the sun which I think you see more often than putting your hand under hot water! :P The only thing Claire's polishes have over these is the price. Del Sol's are $10, but totally worth it.

Rock Star (indoors)
Indoors Rock Star is a bright blue jelly base with blue glitter. This took 4 coats to achieve. The glitter is more sparse than more typical glitters, but it is definitely noticeably and very pretty!

Rock Star (outdoors)
Outdoors Rock Star turns into a jeweled toned green-blue it almost looks teal. The base changes color while the glitter remains blue. It's a very pretty combination.

I really love this one. I think it gives you the best of both worlds you get a blue and a green which are both very popular nail polish colors! The formula and wear on these are great and color change effect is instant. I have no complaints from this polish!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Pretty Sparkly Blue/ green blue! I love how it changes depending on the lighting. :)


  2. Really pretty. I love mood changing polish. Where did you get the del sols?

  3. Is this one new? If I had seen this one while I was at a Del Sol store I would have bought it!

  4. I had "Rock Star" in my hands at Walgreens today... Should've bought it it is STUNNING! So pretty!

  5. wow i looove this one! i love jewel toned things.. teal.. things.. lol... no worries bout school stuff.. dude im soo busy sometmes..i dpn't even look at blogs for like a week..! :-( let alone post a blog! argh.. i don't think for me i could post everyday... only when i have sorry about your kitty though

  6. Such a pretty color! Lovin it! =)

  7. Lacquer-Thanks!

    Mia- Yeah, it's a great trade off blue or green, both great colors!

    rmcandle- My parents actually got them for me when they were in Alaska. They do sell them at Orlando airpot outside the security area and other tourist towns. You can also purchase them online A few people have found them at Walgreens, but I haven't seen any at the Walgreens near me.

    Serena- I'm not sure if it is new? :(

    Twister- Thanks!

    Let them have Polish- I have heard a few people finding these Walgreens, but I've never seen them in the Walgreens in my area. :(

    Pretty- Thanks. I love jewel toned colors too!

    Leslie- Thank you!

  8. I may have to pick this up! pretty! :)


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