Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cover Girl Fuchsia Fatale + Award

I'm starting to think that Cover Girl polishes are very underrated. I know they are not a brand that even pops into your head when you think of drugstore nail polish. They don't release seasonal collections and they're not the easiest polishes to find. However, I've always had good experiences with their polishes and they sell for a reasonable price. They have a selection of standard colors, but they also have a few standout colors and amazing glittery top coats. I don't expect they'll ever be a brand we'll be reaching for, but it's a good brand of polish that I recommend. I think it retails around the same as Maybelline, but less than Revlon around the $3-$3.50 range.

Fuchsia Fatale
A few weeks ago I was looking for a the perfect plum/berry creme. I was at Target and couldn't find this shade at price I wanted to pay within other brands and then I spotted this one. This went on smoothly with 2-3 coats and held up nicely! I really like this type of shade. I think it would fit into any season as it's not too bright nor is it too dark. It's a great type of shade to have whether it be from Cover Girl, or another brand. :)


I received the Sunshine Award from the very lovely Girly's Beauty . She has a great blog that features nail polish, makeup, and other beauty products!

Here are the rules:
1. Save the image above and post it on your own blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
3. Link the nominees
4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

I'm not going to follow the rules here. I'm going to tag more than 12 blogs. I'm going to tag some recent blogs I've discovered along with new bloggers in the nail/beauty world.

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Whew! That was a lot I know. Many of these are newer bloggers with great blogs to view. You can never look at enough nail polish! :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. This is gorgeous Steph! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Steph! You are super cute & super nice:) Thanks so much, I'm going to start on my list today and check out all of the bloggers you mentioned.


  3. thank you sooo much for tagging me! I'm gonna make a seperate page on my blog for tags, so I will put this one up soon :)

  4. duh...I didn't even realize I'd been nominated! Thanks so much Steph! Wow! I'm honored. Going to ck out some of the other nominees as well. :O)

  5. thanks for the award steph! That made my day!

  6. I just wanted to let you know that you're the best. I know I already left you a comment, but you really are. :-) And everyone else should know that, too!

    How are the humanities classes treating you?

  7. What a great color!! Berry creme colors are my go-to when I can't decide what else to use.

  8. Ooooo That is a really lovely berry, now that we are right between summers end and falls beginning thats the perfect now color.

    Thanks so so much for the tag, thats so sweet <3


  9. Thanks for much for the award! :D

    I'll get to work on my list straight away xx

  10. Thanks for the award, how nice! :) Have to check other nominees too, but this was a great suprise!

  11. Thanks so much for the award!

    I'm a bit behind, but I finally did my list! Here it is:

    Thanks again :D


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