Monday, September 20, 2010


Before I get into this post, if you remember a few weeks ago I asked if anyone was able to sell me a bottle of OPI Pink Me I'm Good because it was a major lemming for me! Thankfully, Enamel Girl had an extra bottle and sold it me. I just got it today and I'm over the moon! Thank you so much! I'd love to share this one the blog, but it is HTF and not easy to get a under $10. Does anyone have any objections to me posting this polish? If you do it won't hurt my feelings. I promise :)

Anyways, Eva is polish brand I've been able to find at a few Walgreens here in Orlando. I think they are based out of Miami, and I'm not sure if anyone has been able to find these anywhere outside Florida? They make your standard colors but they also make a few unusual ones. Check out my other Eva post to see the other colors I have. I happened to find another great color from this brand that happens to be a duochrome!

Yes this all the same bottle of polish! This varies from a bronzy-pink, to a rose gold, to a straight up gold depending on the angle. It is a great duochrome it's not subtle at all. It's gorgeous!!!! I don't have any other words for it.

The only downside to Eva polishes is they are not Big 3 free. They have formaldehyde, toluene, and the whole kitten kaboodle. I know this is a issue for a lot of people into nail polish. Personally, I don't really mind, but I understand people who do mind. That all being said I have grabbed and extra bottle of it, and I'll be in search of more bottles of it this week. Would anyone be interested in me doing a giveaway with this polish? If most people have issues with the Big 3 thing I won't do a giveaway, but if most of you don't mind, I will do a giveaway with the bottles I can find of this polish with a clear warning these are not Big 3 free. Let me know what you think. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. What a fun duochrome! I'd be all for a giveaway. :)

    I'll let people who don't have Pink Me I'm Good weigh in on that question. (Though I will show polishes on my own blog that aren't necessarily readily available, so that tips my hand I suppose.)

  2. I don't mind unavailable products reviewed on blogs. As long as it's stated as such. And, if you know of a sorta dupe on it, that would be a plus.

    So, this is just 'Mine'? Sort of a duochrome word, wouldn't you say? ;)

  3. Pretty color. I wouldn't mind a giveaway with these. I would like to see you opi polish

  4. Show off your polish! If you bought something and like it, show it off!

    And if you put the Eva polish in a giveaway, just let people know and they can decide if they want to participate.

    Thanks for all the swatch photos!

  5. Did someone say "giveaway"? *ears up*

    I don't mind a little Big 3 in some of my polishes. Most of mine are B 3 Free, so I figure a little of the old baddie stuff won't kill me. And if it does... Well I guess I will go out with smashing pretty nails. lol

    Yes, please post Pink Me, I'm Good! I adore OPI and will drool over any OPI swatches.

    I don't mind seeing HTF, rare or one of a kinds posted. I enjoy seeing them, even if I can't get them. Besides it is your blog, you know... ;)

  6. nice duochromes!

    follow me and Ill follow you!

  7. Looks good on you! And absolutely post Pink Me I'm Good.. it's something *you* love and you've been searching for for a long time - so I would LOVE to see and hear your throughts on it. And a little giveaway sounds fun! B3F or not, I'm up for one :)

  8. what... i'm so confused with this polish.. pink!! gold! pink!!

    omg I want! I'm so down for a giveaway. ahah Where do you buy these things.! I try to not buy things online though. I hate paying for shipping.. i'm a weirdo! I only really get things from local shops/beauty centers. lol i might try nailblog blog sales one day...

  9. Karen- Thanks!

    Kimberly-Yeah, the name isn't very exciting it's just "Mine"

    Twister- Thanks! Thanks for you input on the giveaway and the OPI!

    Anon-Thanks for the advice!

    Ice Queen- Thanks for the advice! I'm going to look for more bottles tomorrow. If I can't find anymore I'll at least have 1 bottle to giveaway!

    Jana-Thanks! Thanks also for you advice on the giveaway and OPI!

    Pretty- I found these at a few random Walgreens. I have a feeling they are only in Florida though since I haven't seen anyone else post them and the brand is based in Miami.

  10. Looks kinda like "Dancing Nails" from SinfulColors.


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