Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sinful Colors Gogo Girl

I think reds are sometimes an underrated color in the nail polish world. I love reds, but I can see why they get the short stick sometimes. You don't really see too many unique variations of reds and if you do they are not very original. I get it. When a great red does come around it does seem to get the attention it deserves, but there is way more of a fuss over purples,blues, and greens. That being said I think reds are great staple colors in every collection. Red goes with anything. It's classic!

Gogo Girl
Wow, wow, wow! Now this is RED. This is warm-toned red jelly. This is that Marilyn Monroe red and that NYC Big Apple Red. I have quite a few reds, but I didn't have one like this. This isn't an original color, you can probably find this anywhere from any brand, but for $2 at Walgreens this is a great color to have in your collection. It's sexy and glamorous.

This is why I love brands like Sinful Colors, Wet n' Wild, and Confetti (if they'll still be around). These are great brands that can accommodate those holes in your stash. I use these brands when I'm interested in a particular shade, but I'm not necessarily lemming it from another brand. I'm sure you can find this same color from Revlon for $4, from Orly for $6, or Deborah Lippmann for $18, but why pay that if I can get it for $2 especially if it's such a general color. These brands also have their own unique colors that are great too, but I think you get what I'm saying.

What are some of your favorite drugstore reds?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's a lovely classic red. No need to pay big prices. This hits the spot.

  2. I'm wearing this on my toes right now! I looove Sinful Colors. I'm not much for reds, but I bought a few during the 99 cent sale at walgreens. I have "Sugar Sugar" on my nails right now. It's gorrrgeous. :)

  3. that is RED! where was it when i was hunting for one a year ago.. i ended up with OPI's big apple red.

  4. That's a pretty color. I just realized I don't even own any red polishes (for shame!).
    I have burgundys and maroons, which are variatons, but nothing like this. I want one now!
    I love Sinful Colors, btw. I think they are often overlooked, because of China Glaze and OPI and Essie and all the other cool brands, but they are a great brand!

  5. red is definitely an underrated color; that one is a beauty ~

  6. Wow! Now THAT is red!! I think Sinful Colors is kinda under-rated, actually.

  7. I JUST picked this up a few days ago. I agree, its fire-engine, classic.


  8. Ahh I love such reds, they're stunning! I think everyone should own one of these, and indeed no need to pay big amounts :)

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  10. I thought about buying this one a couple of times...now that I see it I might. Very nice! -Prisca

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  11. gawjus red! i need it in my stash. love the commentary! thanks for sharing Steph!


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