Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Favorites Part 1:

I got a request from BudgetBeautyGoddess to do a post on my fall favorite polishes! This post is going to be in 2 parts. I'm going to organize these by color families. I've combined some color families, simply to save time. I also tried to use my best judgment on some colors, considering some colors could lean more purple, more brown, more pink etc. I just threw them into what category I felt fit. In addition besides for listing my favorites I'm going to list other recommended colors that are in the same family. These colors I all own, so of course there are many unmentioned that are great too, I just don't own them. All of these colors I list are easily available either in drugstores, beauty supply stores, or online, and of course they are all under $10! Obviously, these are just recommendations, and you can wear whatever colors you want in fall!

Sephora by OPI- Metro Chic
Color Description: A taupe/purple grey creme.
Price: $9
Where to buy: Sephora or Sephora online
Other Color Recommendations: Confetti Moonstruck, Color Club High Society, OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, & China Glaze Ingrid

Blacks/Blackened colors
China Glaze- Wagon Trail
Color Description: A deep blackened base with gold/olive shimmer.
Price: Varies on E-tailers, but around $3
Where to buy: E-tailers- Head2ToeBeauty, Victoria's Nail Supply, TransDesign
Other Color Recommendations: Wet N' Wild Blackmail, Sephora by OPI  212, & Orly Goth

China Glaze- VII
Color Description: A deep plum/aubergine creme.
Price: Varies on E-tailers more expensive at Sally's
Where to buy: Sally's & e-tailers
Other Color Recommendations: Orly Galaxy Girl, China Glaze Bogie, Color Club Uptown Girl, Pure Ice Purple Reign, & Zoya Anastasia

Color Description: A deep blackened blue base with with medium steely blue shimmer
Price: $7
Where to buy: Zoya website
Other Color Recommendations: Sinful Colors See You Soon, Color Club Naughtycal Navy, Confetti Smitten, Revlon Midnight Affair, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, & Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

OPI-Ski Teal We Drop
Color Description: A deep teal creme.
Price: $5.24 on Transdesign & $8.50 at Ulta and salons
Where to buy: Transdesign, Ulta, some salons, and some beauty supply stores (not Sallys)
Other Color Recommendations: Zoya Irene, Confetti My Favorite Martian, Sinful Colors San Francisco, & Zoya Envy

I hope you enjoyed this post! In the comments please leave some of your fall recommendations for these color families! :) Part 2 will be posted tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great idea, thanks for the wonderful ideas, I am starting to be pained to not wear summer colors anymore but this makes me hopeful that I have some other colors in my collection that I can start rocking, everyone is commenting on how 'goth' my nails look since I am such a bright person, it really hurts my soul sometimes to not wear bright pink or red! lol

  2. You choose really lovely colors! :)

  3. ski teal we drop is an amazing color! i'm loving that somewhat-muted blue right now.

  4. OPI Ski Teal We Drop is definitely a new fave of mine too and perfect for fall.

  5. Whee! My Request! LOL

    OMG Wagon Train made me SWOON! Love it and I'm going to look into the other colors you suggested.

    I have and have worn OPI Ski Teal We Drop and I still don't know how I feel about it. I also have Gliterzland and I'm not too crazy about that either. I got them with my Ulta point for free and, I don't know:( Maybe I'll try Gliterzland over Ski Teal We Drop?

  6. What a great information-packed post! Thanks for sharing these.

  7. I love the look of Zoya Kotori, even though it's Spring here :D

  8. They are all amazing, but the Zoya is so beautiful!

  9. I like your taste for fall nail colors. I can't wait for fall to arrive. I'm over this heat!

  10. Aggie-Go for the bright pink or red anytime of year! Whatever makes you happy.

    Tassa- Thanks

    Steph- It's a great color. I agree I love the muted blues too. You would also like OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui too.

    Justine- It's such a great teal!

    BudgetBeautyGoddess- Wagon Trail is such great color very interesting too. Give Glitzerland over Ski Teal We Drop a try you never know it could be a winning combination!

    Megan- Thanks! I'm glad you liked this

    Sylvia- Thanks. Zoya is probably my favorite brand of polish.

    thegirlwithabow- Kotori is gorgeous it would be nice for spring too.

    Leslie- Kotori is extra special. :) Thanks!


    Kimberly- Thanks. I am SO over this heat too!

  11. Nice colors. Wagon Trail looks alot like my Avon Golden Twilight polish.

  12. I've been wanting Metro Chic and Ski Teal We Drop for a long time! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I must say, I like the plum color the most. It looks nice!

  14. I must say, I like the plum color the most. It looks nice!

  15. Nice colors. Wagon Trail looks alot like my Avon Golden Twilight polish.


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