Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NYC Love Letters over Black (Pic Heavy)

Over the past few days I've been skimming Nail Board on Makeupalley. I really haven't read into many things, but I kept seeing NYC Love Letters mentioned. I really didn't pay attention to why, but when I went to WalMart today I saw this color and I figured there must be a reason everyone was talking about. The problem was this looked like the most boring shades ever. It's sheer pink shimmer. Very blah. Then I remembered the magic must happen when you layer it over black. I was in for a surprise!

Behold the greatness!!!! ( I took a ton of pics to show you how it looks in different light and angles)

Wow wow, whose ingenious idea was this? I'm not sure who figured this combination out, but they really hit the jackpot with this discovery. Love Letters has this duochromey pink/blue/purple foily shimmer layered over the black. In certain lights it looks similar to Orly Galaxy Girl, but it is very different. The shimmer in Love Letters has similiar spectrum of colors, but while Galaxy Girl shimmer is prominently an aqua shimmer with duochrome, Love Letters really showcases pink,purple, and blue equally. I hope that makes sense.  That being said this definitely could be up there with an Orly Cosmix color. You get the same type of an effect and for only $2. I used WnW Black Creme  99 cents  and NYC Love Letters 99 cents. Plus, unlike the Orly Cosmix, Love Letters is a layering polish so you can layer this over various colors and get different looks.  You can not go wrong! I would also say this is a must have!

That's all for today, except who do I credit to for this awesome combination?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. this is really awesome! and you're right, in the bottle it looks reaaally boring..

  2. oh no! not another must have! :)) great shimmer indeed!

  3. This is a must have, I agree. Fabulous top coat.

  4. Um...WOW!! Love it. Going to look for it the next time I see NYC polish!

  5. I read a blog post about this combo a while ago. It was on my blog roll but I'm so sorry creator- I can't remember who you were!!!

    I second everything you just said, Steph!!! I just hauled way too many polishes and spent way toooo much doing it, but I'm going to have to go and get this, for as inexpensive as it is.

    Thanks for a cool post, chickie!

  6. wow, I never would have guessed it would be a good layering polish! splendid!

  7. I wonder what other colors this would look good over?

  8. I like this color!
    It's awesome, and nice swatches!

    Maybe you like to follow my blog to?

  9. No waffling this time. I'm getting Love Letters. Stash has been checked and I don't have it. I WILL tomorrow!!!!

    Be-u-t-ful swatches!!!

  10. Oh wow! I love, love shades like this! :D
    Btw, I just finally saw that you tagged me for an award (I'm slow as molasses) , thank you so much!

  11. Thank you for tagging me. I've had this polish for a couple of months but I never thought to layer it over black *I know I'm pitiful* so as much as i'd love to take credit for this I can't. Though I will say this does look pretty darn good layered over fuschia and purple. Just think fuschia/purple with that gorgeous blue flash. I believe I featured this on one of older post.


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