Saturday, September 11, 2010

Savina Coy - Fragrance Recommendations?

Savina polishes are brand that can be found at Nordstrom Rack. They are around $4.00 a bottle and in some ways they are similar to China Glaze. Savina has their own unique colors, but I find some of them comparable to China Glaze colors, this is the case with the color Coy. Obviously, you'd be better off getting the China Glaze color in these instances because it's easier to get your hands on and you can get it cheaper from e-tailers.


Coy is a bright reddish-coral creme. This a great color. I think every nail polish collection needs a color like this. I'd consider this a "go-to" color. It's not an unique color, but it's a color that you go-to when you're not sure what to paint your nails that would work with anything.

That being said I found this to be very similar to China Glaze High Hopes from the Up & Away spring collection.

Index & Ring fingers-Savina Coy/ Middle & Pinky fingers-China Glaze High Hopes
These are not dupes, but they are close. China Glaze High Hopes has more orange in it while Savina Coy is slightly more red. They are both great cremes, but I don't think you'd need both. Even though some Savina colors are similar to China Glaze they are not all the same. They have some unique colors that I haven't seen from any other brands. If you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area they're definitely worth a look!

That's it for nail polish today. I do have a question for you all though. I'm looking for some fall-like fragrances for this season. I don't need anymore perfumes. I have about 5 bottles of perfume, and I only wear those on nights out or special occasions. I'm looking for body sprays from like Bath & Body Works, Body Shop, Target, and etc. Stuff you can get for under $20.

Scents I like:
-sometimes spicy
-sensual scents
-Some florals as long as they're are not overly sweet or powdery smelling

Scents I hate:
-Candy/Cupcake/Baked good scents anything overly sweet (I like vanilla as long as it's not too sweet)

Haha, I hope that's not too complicated, but I'm always looking for suggestions, because I'm clueless when it comes to fragrances! Any recommendations? :)

Thanks everyone!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods!!!!

  2. Ohh, that's a lovely color :)

    Have you ever tried Bath and Body works Twilight Woods? At first I hated it but now I love it! It's really warm and creamy. I also really love their newest scent Dark Kiss, it's really deep and sensual :) hope that helped!

  3. creamy goodness (swatches). they are very close indeed!

    i like the same types of scents you do. :O)
    i am sorry i can't suggest anything. stumped. :O)

  4. No scent recommendations (not that I'd know what brands are stocked in the US anyway), just wanted to say this is quite a nice colour! I don't know if reds really work for me though...

  5. wow, those are really close. sorry i can't recommend any body sprays. i only own a few perfumes :(

  6. Yes, I say Twilight Woods too. For clean I would say try B&BW Sea Island Cotton. I think you would have liked Deep Aqua too. You could also try White Citrus and Orange Sapphire.

  7. Thank you all for the suggestion! I will check out Twilight Woods!

  8. Late to the party as usual. You might also try BBW's Sensual Amber and although I am not a sweet/food scent person, the Warm Vanilla Sugar is great for a night in with your honey.


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