Saturday, September 18, 2010

Del Sol- Ruby Slipper

I have to say Del Sol nail polishes are one of my earlier nail polish memories. I came across Del Sol nail polishes I think back in 1998/1999? My family and I were on a trip to Hawaii, and we spotted a Del Sol store. I was about 12/13 at the time and thought color changing nail polish was the coolest thing! Well, it still is! I remember purchasing Ruby Slipper back then and fell in love with it. I've long since lost that nail polish, but we have been reunited!

Ruby Slipper (indoors)
Indoors Ruby Slipper is a clear base with silver glitter mixed in. It's definitely not the most interesting of polishes color-wise indoors, but there is a reason for that. It is amazing outdoors!

Ruby Slippers (outdoors)
In the sunlight this changes into a vibrant juicy cool toned red. The base of the polish changes, while the silver glitter doesn't change colors. This is great. I LOVE this color, partially because it's just great in general, but it holds a lot of fun memories.

I figured the flaw to this polish for many of us would be how it looks indoors. It's a clear base with silver glitter and doesn't provide for much coverage or give really any color, with that in mind I tested it over black. I layered it over black polish over two fingers while on the other two fingers I turned it into a funky french!

I used about two coats of Ruby Slipper on these nails. It doesn't get to that vibrant ruby you get with it alone but it does add nice punch of color over the black. I think it would make for neat look indoors and outdoors.

I really love these Del Sol polishes and I'll be sharing more throughout the upcoming week. They retail for $10 at Del Sol stores,which now can be found in many tourist locations in the US, along with the Caribbean, and other tropical destinations worldwide. You can also purchase them from their website. I think they are usually on sale buy 3 get 1 free.

I understand the price is on the high end for me, but if add in the color changing factor, I think it makes it worth it. It's a fun novelty, and the colors besides for this one I purchased are great. Top coat doesn't affect the ability for these to change color either (except UV blocking ones). These colors also change instantly in the sun, there is no waiting time. Also, if the sun isn't all the way out they still do change, they may not reach the full vibrancy, but they do change colors. So Del Sol gets good reviews from me!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I've not heard of Del Sol before - when the first pic came up in my blog feed I was like "wtf, SURELY a polish with ruby in the title should be red?" ha ha!

  2. Ahhh these are so cool!!!
    I wish I had known they were sold in the Caribbean...when my mother left all five of her children at home and went on a Caribbean getaway, I could have asked her to get me some. LOL.

  3. Just thought I'd share that Walgreens does carry this brand. I believe they were $7 or so... At least here in Florida they do. They have a full selection and they even carry hair accessories and stuff :)

  4. I have 3 Del Sol's - Calypso, Electrick and Girls Night Out. Two of them are from 2007 when my mom went to San Diego and the other one I got in Virginia Beach last summer. I think the prices are worth it because of the colour change effect.

  5. I used to have a Del Sol polish that my grandma got for me in the 90's, it was a frosty green shade that turnned to blue I think? I remember I loved it to death, I wish I still had it! This one is really pretty xo

  6. I heart how intense the color differences are from indoors to outdoors!

  7. Thanks for sharing your fun memory! I have several of these polishes and Ruby Slippers is my favorite. I really appreciate the layering over black that you did, I've been wondering how that would turn out!


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