Friday, April 1, 2011

Wet N' Wild Wine Jelly

No worries, this is an April Fools Joke free zone. I think we're all getting to clever anyways! I have a million things to do today, so I'm really scattered brained. My brain is racing but I can't physically keep up. Anywho, I have a Wet n' Wild flea market find for you today. This one has no name, so I named it this fantastically original name "Wine Jelly". I know I'm so creative. JK..lame I know.

Wine Jelly
Wine Jelly is a red-violet jelly with sparse silver glitter.

I love me a jelly! This is no exception. I wish there were more polishes like this out today in bigger range of colors. Oh, well. Someday my holographic, jelly, and duochrome dreams will come will grow on peace...whales..bunnies..rainbows.... ponies.....marshmallow kisses. I'm goofy today. :P

A giveaway will be posted tomorrow!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, that brings back memories XD! I wish I could find some oldies.

  2. Is Wine Jelly sort of like Jello Shooters? ;p It's beautiful on you.

  3. Oh wow! This is so pretty. They look so juicy!

  4. is this an old collection? ive never seen that bottle! it'll be awesome if they had it again.. i would love to get some cheap jellys! :D

  5. Love the old bottle lol... I have a few of those rolling around in my closet!


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