Saturday, April 16, 2011

Huemorista Nail Lacquers

Huemorista Nail Lacquers are polishes that are mixed and sold on by Jayna Ferris on Etsy. I had heard about her polish through other bloggers, so I started "liking" her page on Facebook. She ended up doing a giveaway after she received 100 likes on Facebook page for a customized set of 3 of her polishes. My name was the one that was drawn, as the winner and I was so excited! She had 5 collections of 3 polishes each, and now she has 6. It was definitely hard to pick 3 polishes because these polishes are so unique and fun! I ended up choosing the following.

Hidden Rainbow, Sex on the Moon, & Bubble Bath

Hidden Rainbow
As described on her website, "Very light gray with multi-colored glitter particles and more medium-sized round glitters as well" 

This one is so cute! I think this maybe the answer to the people who didn't care for Deborah Lippman Glitter in the Air. This isn't sheer at all, and it's full of fun glitter. This color reminds me of those cute cupcakes with the confetti icing!

Sex on the Moon
As described on her website, "Dusty purple based gray with a fuchsia flash and opalescent flakies"

I think my favorite thing about this polish is the color itself. I love the dusty kind of lavender shade, and that pink shimmer is icing on the cake. I love the name too, though I think having sex on the moon would be rather difficult.

Bubble Bath

As described on her website, "Aquatic blue jelly with opalescent flakies and tiny aqua glitter particles"

I really love this shade of blue. I'm just a tad bummed out about this one though. I could see the pretty flakies in my bottle, but they were not as visible on my nail. I may need to shake the bottle up more next time.

Overall, I really liked these polishes. These are smaller bottles, but you do get a unique color that is made by someone who really loves polish. I like how with people who are into polish they take into account things nail polish people love...glitter, flakies, & etc! Each collection of 3 polishes is $12, or your can customize your own for $12. By the way, Jayna said she'd be doing another giveaway when she has 200 likes on your Facebook page!

Thank you so much Jayna for these polishes and having that giveaway! :)

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Not only is that a good deal, they are totally unique. Cool swatches. My fav, Sex on the Moon.

  2. Such cute colours! Also I like your blog's new background change/colour changes! It looks great!

  3. Thanks! Sex on the Moon is my favorite too.

  4. Thanks! Haha, I spent most of the day working on my background. It takes me awhile to figure out what I like

  5. hidden Rainbow kinda Dupes Lippmann
    love love this hahah

  6. Me too! Sorry about your avatar picture. I feel like dummy. I read the avatar thing wrong and set any person w/o an avatar to use my picture. I thought I was setting my own. Oops! I switched it back. I feel dumb now. :P

  7. I loveee Hidden Rainbow and Sex on the Moon. Think I'm gonna order a custom set =].

  8. lovely creations! congrats on winning!

  9. I'm SO happy you post this! I came across her polishes months ago and thought I bookmarked her page, but I didn't! I could NOT remember the shop name...not surprising!!

    Hidden Rainbow - wow I think I like the looks of it more than Glitter In The Air!

  10. I had the same problem! I completely forgot the name I knew it started with "H", so I had to ask around. I'm glad I found it again.

  11. ruxietjulien.blogspot.comApril 17, 2011 at 6:15 AM

    these are so original!! I love them all!


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