Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Wet n' Wild Sugar Coat

I'm not sure if this is pink enough for Pink Wednesday since it's so pale, but to me I'm calling it pink! I really have grown to love these sheer pinks that are usually used for french manicures. The problem is I don't like to wear them sheer, I like to build them up so they're kind of that opaque/jelly finish. I like how clean it makes my hands look. I think this Wet n' Wild does the trick, but I do have a problem that maybe you can help me with?

Sugar Coat
Sugar Coat is a milky pale pink sheer polish.

Here is the issue, this took me 5 coats to get it to be that opaque. I don't have an issue painting 5 coats really, the issue with 5 coats for me is the drying time is like 3+ hours even with fast dry top coats. There have been a few occasions where I've painted my nails like this, 2-3 hours later I go to make dinner, and my manicure completely ruined.

I really love these shades, but are there shades like this that don't require so many coats, that can acheive the same jelly-ish finish? I'm not looking for a creme, I really want that kinda squishy look to it? Is there an "underwear" I can wear underneath that will help? Any shade suggestions or advice on this for me?

Thanks! I appreciate all your help!

Happy Pink Wednesday!



  1. 5 coats is a bit much for me, and I don't really like traditional french manis, but it is pretty!!

  2. do you use seche vite? i can wear any number of coats with seche vite on top no problem. dries in minutes.

  3. I love these sheers too... boring, I know, but some of my favorite colors to wear.
    Just did a little comparison on the ones I have...

    OK getting sidetracked... I have not tried this myself, but I read about it on another blog (of course I can't think of where...)
    Get a nude color that matches your natural nail color and is fairly opaque in one coat.
    Paint a coat of that on 1st and let it dry completely. This will work as your "underwear." Then you can top it off with your sheers and they won't show the nail through... :)

    Let us know how it turns out if you try it :)

  4. I think Anya's suggestion is very good. I had a nail tech suggest this method to me for working with multiple layers. Two coats polish to one coat quick dry wait a few minutes and repeat until you have the number of layers you want.

  5. My "underwear" varies by the kind of polish it is. Usually with not-so-full-coverage glitters, I use a nude [mine is Biscotto Beige from Borghese]. But with a color like this, I use Essie Marshmellow or two coats of Orly Ridgefiller. It makes it a little brighter in my opinion than a nude. Hope that helps! :]

  6. I don't think they're boring! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  7. Wow, I never would of thought to do that. I see how that can work. Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much! I think I'll be looking for Essie Marshmallow tomorrow! :)

  9. I really like the squishy, milky feeling of this nail polish.
    The only nail polish that I own that is SOMEWHAT similar to this is Sally Hansen's Sheerly Beloved. One problem with it is that it doesn't reach opaque capacity. But its jelly and still lovable ^_^

  10. Strike that, Sheery Belove is nothing like that lol

  11. I've been looking for the perfect coater nude sheer myself. 5 coats is a lot! I do have Essie Marshmallow, mentioned below, and LOVE it. It's definitely a white, squishy jelly.

  12. i think thats a pink :D
    lovely color

  13. No problem! If it helps, Marshmallow's in the retail displays in rite aid and the like :] Hope you find it!


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