Thursday, April 7, 2011

OPI Bright Lights Big Color

I am currently trying to avoid the cold my boyfriend has. Normally, I'm the first one to get sick so..maybe that is a good sign? I'm downing water and vitamin C. I'm not sure if it will work, but I REFUSE to be sick. This Saturday is the Orlando blogger meet-up, and I WILL NOT be sick. Send me good don't be sick vibes please! :)

Today, I have an OPI lemming I recently fulfilled. It's not an HTF color, just one that had been on my wishlist for awhile and I finally got around to getting it.

Big Lights Big Color
Bright Lights Big Color is a coral-orange with gold shimmer.

Gold shimmer, yep that's all it takes for instant love for me. Fun coral shade. If coral is your think you'll like this one.

Happy Please Don't Let Steph Get Sick Thursday!


  1. Wow - stunning colour! It's like a sunset, gorgeous :D :D xxx

  2. This one is so pretty.

    And I love that you refuse to be sick...I really do think that with stuff like colds, you can keep them away with the power of your mind. LOL.

  3. Such a pretty colour, perfect for summer evenings:)

    Some good-health vibes coming to you over the internet!

  4. I love how you do a close up of the shade in the bottle. This is a beautiful colour, perfect holiday shade :)
    Hope the cold stays away!

  5. I will definitely have to put that on my to buy list. It's beautiful!

    Sending healthy, no-cold vibes your way. :)


  6. DON'T GET SICK. I am jealous you're having an orlando blogger meet up, I really need to pack up and move to FLA.

  7. Aww, from one sickie to a potential sickie, please don't. Ugh. Love that color, though.

  8. I love anything with strong golden shimmer!

  9. Gorgeous colour. I have faith you will NOT be sick


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