Friday, April 22, 2011

Ulta Under the Sea Set

"The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake. You dream about going up there but that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things surround you, what more is you looking for?.....Under the sea...lalala"

I couldn't resist. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, so I had to get these polishes even though they are sans the Disney. They were able to incorporate the idea without copyright infringement I'm assuming? :P I got this set at Ulta for $7.99. I also am giving away set as one of the prizes for my giveaway that ends today!

I did the swatches a bit different this time, since these bottles are so tiny. I only swatched these on one finger each.
Tip the Scales
Tip the Scales is an emerald green with gold glass fleck.

Tail of Two Cities

Tail of Two Cities is a tangerine with gold glass fleck.

Mermaid Heaven
Mermaid in Heave rose pink with gold glass fleck.

Don't Be Shellfish
Don't Be Shellfish is a grape purple with gold glass fleck.

I love these shades! I wish they had full size bottles of these. I would buy them all! These are kind of reminiscent of some colors in Zoya's Sunshine collection, but these are definitely more pigmented as far as color goes. I think these are perfect for summer. I actually think these would be great to travel with for a summer getaway. They're small and convenient to carry. :)

For your viewing pleasure...

Happy Friday!



  1. AHH! The Little Mermaid is my favorite too!!

    "We got no troubles
    Life is the bubbles
    Under the sea"

    Ohh man this post cheered me up. Those polishes look fun and I love the names!

  2. I've never seen The Little Mermaid. .. I missed out on the whole Disney Childhood :/
    but these colors are very pretty, I love all the colors they are so gorgeous. I'm actually going to buy these for my friend because she was eying them at Ulta the other day ^_^

  3. I love these colors...and the Little Mermaid :) I LOVE Mermaid in Heaven! sooo pretty!

  4. They're lovely colours.

  5. Yay for The Little Mermaid reference! =] I think I like Mermaid in Heaven the best in this set.

  6. Oooh I was totally wonder how these were! Thanks for the review.
    PS <3 the Little Mermaid! My youngest son is named Sebastian ;-)

  7. I was going to get this and if I ever see it on sale I will!

  8. I've been running this movie over and over in my head ever since my bestie (who has a classic movie blog) did a post on The Little Mermaid last weekend. Love the colors too! May have to make a trip to Ulta soon.

    "Les Poissons, les poissons How I love les poissons"

    That's what I've been singing nonstop this week.

  9. budget friendly versions of summer zoyas!

  10. Love Tip the Scales SOOOO much

  11. Great song! I got this pack too but haven't tried it yet~

  12. I am so glad you swatched these, I really wanted to pick them up last week but didn't find them at my Ulta! I really like them, I might just place an online order. Thanks Steph!

  13. Haha! I LOVE Little Mermaid, so much. As a matter of fact, I went to see it in the theater when they re-released it, and sang along to every song - the whole audience was children and parents, except me.
    These are really pretty! I might need to snag these while I can.

  14. ! I just bought these! ^_^ Can't wait to try them now that I've seen them on the nail.

  15. These look like dupes for Zoya Midori or Apple (green), Reece (pink) and Lianne (orange). I've never seen the purple though. :P

  16. I love the fact that they all have a glass flecked effect in them!


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