Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ulta Pinata Yada Yada

I must thank my boyfriend for seeing this polish. We were shopping in the shopping center Ulta was in, and the second I say "Can we go into Ulta just for a few minutes", I get the automatic pitiful groan. When I'm with him I try to be fair and do a quick skim of the store. I was about to done skimming and was just standing by the Ulta polishes thinking if I missed something, and he was bored out of his mind putting polishes that were in the wrong slots in the right one. So, he picks up Pinata Yada Yada which I see out of the corner of my eye, and snatch it from him. Multi-color sparkly glitter...must have! I'm sure he wishes he didn't do that. I pay for my own polish, but he has to live with all. I know he just tolerates it, but he can manage. :P

Pinata Yada Yada over black
Pinata Yada Yada over white
Pinata Yada Yada is a clear base with differently sized blue,green,silver, pink, red, & gold glitters.

There are lot of colors in here I may of even missed on. These multi-colored glitter bomb top coats seem to be pretty popular lately. I know this was started by Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday". So far I know of Milani Gems, Wet n' Wild Party of 5 Glitters, NYX Carnival, and of course this Ulta one. I love these glitters especially since I don't have to pay $18 for them! A bottle of Pinata Yada Yada is in one of my prize packs for my current giveaway!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Over white may be perfect for Easter! Thanks!

  2. This is really pretty - your boyfriend sounds like mine, I hate going shopping with him because I feel like I'm missing out just doing a "skim" and if I try anything more in depth he moans. He does normally get me a little treat though :-)

  3. Holy crap I really like this one xDD

  4. oO, I have this one! Isn't it pretty? It's great for layering over screamin' colors.

    I hate to drag the husband into Ulta or Sephora so I try to trips by myself. I can sneak into Ulta under the guise of "I'm stocking up at Trader Joe's." HAHAHAHHA!

  5. I really like this over white!!

    My boyfriend is the opposite, he is the one choosing the colors and let me know its pretty. i think i got him into nail polish world.

  6. Pretty! I'm definitely not minding all these Happy Birthday dupes.. I use it so much, it's nice to have a cheap alternative!

    My poor boy always stands there looking bored to death while I fret over what polishes to pick. I think he's secretly amused at my indecisiveness, though!

  7. You got your BF to go into Ulta with you? hee hee He's sweet!

    I love this new layout!!

  8. Haha, what a great boyfriend ; D
    I love this's beautiful over both :)

  9. haha our boyfriends sound the same! I know that groan you are taking about haha.

    I saw this at Ulta but didnt pick it up. I am kicking myself for it now but I can always go pick it I have Milani Gems which is very similar =]

    Thanks for the swatches!

  10. OMG I hate your blog.. OKAYY not literally but I have been scanning your blog and I want every polish that you post -therefore making my wishlist HUGE. lol You have a good eye for polishes (:

  11. it's pretty! thanks for swatching & sharing. love the background story. LOL XXX

  12. I don't know if this would work for yours but I always offer to drop my husband off at Barnes & Noble (at the other end of the shopping center) and come back for him when I'm done at Ulta.

    I love the way glitters like this look on other people but I can't seem to wear the really glitter-heavy ones. I snatched up Party of 5 Glitters and ended up giving it away almost immediately. I have a terrible habit of peeling them off.


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