Sunday, April 24, 2011

Share With You Sunday: 4/24/11

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! This is my second edition of "Share With You Sunday". Remember if you have links you'd like to share you can fill out the form here. I'll add the links throughout the day as I receive them.

Lol that pic cracked me up!

Also Known As....shows us the Misa Paradise Shore Collection.
Bright Lights, Big Colors sports an awesome manicure inspired by a picture on tumblr.
Nailstah shows us the new OPI Shatters. 
Never Unpolished gets a bit "dotty".
Oooh, Shinies! shares with us a great konad manicure.
Shimmerspark introduces us to the new Nicole by OPI Target exclusives.
Spaz & Squee compares one of my favorite types of polishes...pinks with gold shimmer!
The Lacquerista makes me wish they sold Catrice in the US.
The PolishAholic has given me major lemming.

Jeweled Thumb sparks my interest in a new Bath & Body Works scent.
Mohca Mish Mash reviews eos Nourish hand lotion.

I can't get enough of Cake Wrecks Easter cake fails.

Simon's Cat has an encounter with a bunny!

What You're Loving:
The PolishAholic shows us the new OPI Serena Williams Grand Slam France duo.
polish insomniac shares with us the Finger Paints Peace, Love, and Color Collection. (submitted by jbrobeck)
Une Ruxi a Paris shares with us her first experience with George polish.  (submitted by Ruxi)
Polish Wonderland shows off Nfu-Oh 60. (submitted by Chell)

Happy Sunday!



  1. hahaha cute cat image there...

  2. Thanks for including me my dear...and LOL at that cat picture

  3. I enjoy your "Share With You Sundays", this is such a great idea. I love just clicking randoms links and openly my browser to another world of manis or miscellaneous. Thank you ^_^


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