Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul & Moo Cards

I recently did a Cherry Culture haul, and I'll put it on record it's probably one of the best hauls I've ever done! I always have seen nail polish on Cherry Culture, but I always held back from purchasing because majority of the polishes I could never find swatches of. I then saw this haul from Bonny Binnacle, and it pushed me over the edge. I'm going to take a risk!

I ended up ordering 11 polishes, 9 NYX and 2 Sinful Colors. I was able to see a few swatches, but I'd say 8 out of the 11 of these I relied on the swatches on the website, which is never a good guide. When I got my package yesterday, I was over the moon!

 L-R: NYX Girls
Maven, Complex Purple, Collection Noir, & Emerald Forest

L-R: NYX Girls
Frizz Spots, Turks & Caicos, & Dorothy (I'm pretty sure this is a dupe to Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers

Las Vegas & Maroon

L-R: Sinful Colors
Suede Shoes & Agaci

I am so impressed with these polishes. A few of these polishes are better for layering, but there are quite a few that are opaque within a reasonable amount of coats. If you are a glitter lover these are most definitely for you. These are some of the most unique glitters I've ever encountered! It's safe to say I'm sure some of these polishes will make it into my Top 20 of 2011! I of course, will be posting swatches of these soon! :)

I also went ahead and made some mini moo cards for my blog. These are small sized business cards. I learned about these through The PolishAholic & Once Bitten. You can really be creative and customize these cards to your liking. On the other hand, if you're not in the creative spirit , you can go a very simple route. They have a lot of templates you can choose from, fonts,colors and etc. This is what I did.  I know these are probably a little yawn-worthy to some, but I like the simple right now! I only got a 100 cards to start, so maybe later on I'll create some more exciting ones. 

I like the design I chose for the back. It's not only that design, but there are quite a few different "painted" looking designs. I think the design suited my blog name. I like them. They're cute, and they'll be fun to put in giveaway and swap packages! :)

Happy Friday!



  1. great haul! I'm looking forward to seeing swatches of your NYX purchases, I want to pick up more of their stuff but swatches are fe and far between!

    Your Moo cards turned out great too! I love the back!

  2. Can't wait to see some swatches, especially for those Sinful Colors.

    I ordered some MOO cards, too. Those are so cute!

  3. Great haul, I can't wait for the Sinful Colors swatches (:
    and what would you use Moo cards for??

  4. Ohh Awesome colours! I wish i lived in the UK, the shipping costs will kill my bank balance! I tried ordering some sinfuls off the uk site and two out of three were out of stock :(

    I too am looking forward to the NYX swatches! :)Glittery!!

  5. you win at hauling. What lovely polishes!

  6. No yawning over those cards; they are cute! Looking forward to trading cards with you. ;)

    Nice, realllly nice haul. I don't think I have seen SC's Agaci. I have to go look up what that word means. LOL

  7. Really nice haul!! I'm wanting those sinfulcolor glitters. I haven't seen these.

    Love the Moo Card. Would like some for myself :)

  8. Now I need to buy more stuff... Was thinking about getting some of the new LA Girl Glitter Addicts as well, but I haven't seen swatches yet!

  9. Wow! those polishes look amazing! and the moo card too :D

  10. Jen- Thank you!

    Ya Gotta- Thanks! I hope you like your Moo cards!

    Forever 92'- Thanks. They're kind of like business cards. I plan to include them with swap packages and giveaways. Also, if I run into someone who has an interest in polish I can hand them out to them.

    Ash-Oh no I'm sorry! I hope you can find some soon. I wish when I was visiting the UK I was into nail polish! I missed out on some neat brands!

    Irena B-

    Lesley- Haha, I actually think I did "win" this time around. Thanks!

    Kimberly- Thanks! I have no idea what Agaci means :-/

    rmncandlelight- Thanks, you definitely get some moo cards! :)

    NiftyBa- I know it's difficult to buy stuff without swatches it could really go either way.

    Alice- Thanks!

  11. Is Suede Shoes a new shade or an older one? I don't remember seeing it before--I like it!

  12. It's definitely older. :)

  13. Ohhh okay, thank you for answering my question ^_^


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