Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blue Nails for Autism Awareness: Zoya Crystal

It is now April! Time flies. It is also Autism Awareness month. Autism Awareness is something very dear to Jasmine from Colour Coated and she asked many bloggers to help participate in the recognition of Autism Awareness by wearing blue polish.

Autism Awareness is something that is meaningful to me. One of my distant cousins has autism. I spent some time with him and his mother (my other cousin) a few years ago in New York, and that experience gave me a lot of insight into autism. I think autism is very misunderstood, and that needs to be changed.

I'm a strong advocate for education, and when it comes to awareness I think we can do a lot just by clicking a mouse or looking in a book and learning a thing or two about something you may have not known anything about before. So, I encourage you whether it's autism or some other issue/cause this month take the time to gain some wisdom on something significant and meaningful to you. Share what you've learned with someone else! Spread the knowledge!

Now to polish. :)

Zoya Crystal
Crystal is light-medium blue foil metallic with flecks of gold foil glitter.

Another beautiful shade by Zoya, and very suitable for the month. I actually questioned buying this one at first, but I'm glad I did. It's a stunner!

Happy Saturday!


  1. this is a lemming of mine!
    loving all of these blue manis!

  2. Oh yeah, I like to look at OP's wish lists. I noticed ChG Pinprick and CC Revvvolution and Fashion Addict on yours. All three are still available at Head2Toe for $3 each. Shipping is fairly reasonable.

  3. Thank you for the info Sandi! When I have more money I'll be sure to get those.

  4. I love this color so much! I've seen so many pretty blues today that I forgot I owned! Thank you for joining in with your beautiful nails to support the cause! :)


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