Friday, July 2, 2010

Milani Flash Collection

Milani is at it again with another collection this summer. It seems as though they're really throwing them out there this season.

Here is the display..

I'm not 100% sure how to describe these. They go along with the same trend as the Zoya Sparkle & SH HD colors. They look to be glass fleck/duochrome/shimmer goodness

The colors...
In a Flash- magenta glass fleck
Hot Flash- red-burnt orange glass fleck duochrome
Photo Flash- cool toned berry red glass fleck
Flash Light- orange glass fleck duochrome

I only picked up Hot Flash & In A Flash. These are nice, but with so many colors out this season with similar finishes I don't find them to be must haves. In fact, I find these to be somewhat similar to the Intense Metals collection Milani released earlier. I'll show you comparison in a bit.

Hot Flash

Hot Flash I'd say is a red-orange or burnt orange with orange/gold glass fleck shimmer and in certain angels you can see a yellow-golden duochrome. It's very sparkly and I don't have many deep orange shades.

In A Flash

In a Flash is a bright fuchsia/magenta glass fleck shimmer. There are hints of pink and violet sparkle in here as well.

Here is my comparison to Intense Metals. Here I am comparing Flash Collection "In a Flash" (index & ring finger) to Intense Metals "Melt Down" (middle & pinky finger)

I'm not so much comparing the color as I am the finish. I find these very similar almost too similar. They're not dupes, but they're close. I'd say they're close enough that if you have similar shades like this whether from another brand or the Intense Metals you really don't need to run out and get these shades. The major difference I notice is that the Flash collection has more sparkle and sheerer base while the Intense metals has a more opaque base.

I don't hate this collection. I just don't really see it as a very innovative one. I would of rather seen some bright cremes or something completely different from their recent Intense Metals collection. It's as if these were supposed to be part of that collection and didn't make it in on time. All the colors also seem very similar to each other. Yawn. If you're looking for shades or finishes like this and you don't already have some similar in your collection I'd recommend getting these, otherwise I think you're fine without them unless one of them really sticks out. Overall, I'm pretty "meh" over these. Been there done that. I love Milani, but this just didn't do it for me.

Do you have any polishes from Flash collection? What are your thoughts?

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the review. It makes me happy to know the new flash collection is reds/oranges, which is not my color to I won't feel a total lemming need with these since I can't find these near me. ;)

    They are pretty colors on you tho.

  2. Thanks so much for the comparison! I passed on these when I saw this display earlier this week because they looked so much like the Liquid Metal intense ones. I might have to get Hot Flash just for the name.

  3. I prefer these since they are a little more sheer and sparkly. I didn't buy any of the hot metals so I happily picked up all 4 of these. I'm bad! =p

  4. Very pretty!! So many glass flecks that are out now :)

  5. I wasn't wowed by this collection either. But I did pick up Hot Flash :p
    Thanks for the pics.

  6. I haven't spotted this collection yet. And I was at two different CVS stores today. However, thanks for the heads-up and comparisons. I'll have to think twice about getting any of these.

  7. I haven't seen this collection, and I still have NOT found the metals! It's about to drive me crazy! I've been looking for the metals forever. Hopefully I'll be able to find one or the other soon. These do look great on you. Very pretty. Did you find them at CVS?

    By the way, I started a nail blog. Would love to have you as a follower, if you're interested. :-)

  8. milani looks nice as usual, but they're not being very original!

    btw have you seen the other new brand at cvs, "10" i think? what are your thoughts? aren't they huge!!?

  9. OMG, how funny! I just posted about these too. :) I picked up Flash Light because that was the only one that seemed to have a true "flash" quality to me. The ones you picked up are very pretty though--it is just me or do they kind of have a Ruby Pumps vibe?


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