Friday, July 23, 2010

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Finally!!!! I'm so happy I was able to make a order on Victoria Nail Supply for some China Glazes I had been lemming! Rodeo Fanatic is one of them.

Rodeo Fanatic reminds me of Texas or more so the questions you get asked if you are from Texas. I was born and raised in Texas until I was 20. I have no strong devotion to Texas. I don't go around saying "everything's bigger in Texas" etc. It's funny growing up the questions you'd get asked by people not from Texas. They usually consisted of the following....

"Do you live on ranch?"
"Do you ride a horse to school?"
"Do you love the Dallas Cowboys?"
"Did you ever go to a rodeo?"

All of these I can say no to. I also have been asked why I don't have an accent. I grew up in the city, it didn't seem any different than any other city except certain restaurants or venues had a bit of Texas flare. Many of these places with Texas flare bordered on obnoxious. I know I fail at being a real Texan. Texas wasn't really my style a bit too conservative for my taste. I really do enjoy Austin and San Antonio though. The one thing I truly miss about Texas is BBQ. It is definitely best there. Florida's has some sad excuses for BBQ.

Anyways on to Rodeo Fanatic!
Rodeo Fanatic is a deep jewel-toned teal shimmer. It is a very luxurious and rich feeling color despite its casual name. It's one of those colors that looks deep in the shade, but when it hits and light and sunlight it comes to life. I'd have to put this one in the must have categories of nail polish!

That's it for today nail polish wise. Kitty had to visit the vet today, she's been throwing sneezing fits and I was worried she was getting an upper respiratory infection. She had a slight fever and the vet put her on antibiotics, so hopefully she'll get well soon. She has a follow up appointment next week. My cat is like my child so I act a bit silly and worry about her a lot when she's not well. I'm hoping she feels better soon!

Has anyone gotten weird questions about where they live or are from? What kind of questions were they?

Happy Friday!


  1. This is gorgeous! The Rodeo Diva collection was so good.

    I get asked questions like that all the time. I've grown up in Florida, so people are always shocked to see that I don't have a tan, I don't have sun-bleached blond hair, I'm not overly fond of the beach (though I do like to go and lay out and read magazines haha), I don't have a pool, and I don't have a Southern accent (though this really depends on location in Florida. I live in the country, so most people have really strong Southern accents here). It's pretty funny, actually, how confused people get when I tell them I'm from Florida.

  2. That looks lovely on you! That was probably one of my all-time favorite collections. My sister, niece, and countless relatives live in Texas and I love it there. Florida is probably my favorite place to vacation. Anywhere away from the cold Michigan snow! I hope your kitty's feeling better :)

  3. Pretty color! I grew up in California, Bakersfield to be exact, and people always make some comment about Dwight Yokum. No. He's not from Bakersfield. But...we do have a street named after Buck Owens. LOL Don't know which is worse.

  4. That color has been on my lemming list for quite some time, hopefully I'll make a VNS order soon too! :) It looks really pretty on you. And mmm, I could go for some BBQ now!

  5. Waa~! Why do I like so much CG nail polishes??

  6. Lovely color. I grew up in Nebraska (NE). I got to spend a summer in Brooklyn, NY with my Auntie when I was in 9th grade. The kids that I met who lived on the same street as her all asked me if we had electricity. LMFAO! Such a difference between Inner City folks and those of us who grew up elsewhere. BTW, yes, we did have electricity (sheesh!)

  7. Pretty color. I grew up in New Jersey (even though I don't live there anymore) and you should hear the stuff I guess asked since Jersey Shore debuted on MTV!!!

  8. That color is stunning and I treat my cats like they are my children too! My vet uses a shot of antibiotics which is supposed to last 14 days.
    When I leave the state people find out I'm from UT and the first question is: are you mormon? lol!

  9. Pretty! I live in southern Missouri, and I've been asked why I don't talked with an accent.

  10. Love this color--need to wear it again.

    Although I was born in China, I grew up in New York City and consider it home. I don't think I've been asked strange questions by non New Yorkers, but they have assumed that I meet lots of celebrities just because things are filming here all the time, or that everyone from NYC talks like the cast from Seinfeld or Friends, or Sex and the City, haha.

  11. I get the all annoying question of, do I have Kangaroos as pets and are Koalas really cuddly? Actually no, Koalas are feral things they growl hiss and scratch!

    Someone once said to me the classic line of "throw another shrimp on the barbie mate" lol we don't call it shrimp, we call it prawns.

  12. I've seen swatches of this before, and I have to admit, I wasn't excited by it at all until your swatch, because it didn't seem so original and unique. But it just looks so damn pretty on you, I think I have to have it now!!

    But please enlighten me, what is "teal"? What's the difference between a teal and an average blue? Does a teal have slightly green tones? I suck at colours. >.>

  13. Jean- Yeah I'm pretty sure as I a kid I thought that about Florida. I think when people think Florida they just think about Miami and Disney World! :P

    Mary- Thank you! I hope my kitty starts feeling better too. I'd gladly switch Florida heat for some Michigan snow sometimes.

    Megan- Funny story :P

    Caitlin- Yeah it's a great color. I actually wasn't planning on getting this time, but last minute I put it in my cart! BBQ does sound good doesn't it?

    Lacquer- Ugh that doesn't surprise me. I think that was one of those typical Texas questions too. Apparently the rest of the US isn't as progressive as the cities :P. This isn't the 19th century.

    Lunuland- Oh geez. NJ must be the worst place right now for anyone to live or be from because of all those stereotypical shows on NJ these days. I can only imagine! :-/

    Aggie- Haha, I can see that being a very popular question. I'm sure it's very annoying though. It's funny how people assume an entire state is made up of only mormons.

    Zara- I get that asked all the time. I think people are expecting an accent out me because I'm from Texas. I have a pretty neutral accent. However, I've been told I say a few words with a twang...especially word that have "or" in them I overemphasize the "r".

    Ping-I bet that's annoying. Like you mentioned, Seinfeld & Sex & the City the media plays a big role on our impression of certain places.

    Amanda- I admit as a kid I probably thought every from Australia had kangaroos and koalas roaming around the streets :P. I know better now. I know about koalas too. I hear they aren't the nicest of animals.

    Joan- Teal is exactly what you said it is blue with green tones. It gets confusing with their being aqua, turquoise, teal and various other names for blue-green colors. I'm not a color expert, but I'd say teals are darker blue-greens than turquoises and aquas. I hope this makes sense.


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