Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ever feel stuck in a nail polish rut?

I know I must sound insane. I have over 300 bottles of polishes and the idea of me getting bored with the collection I have sounds ridiculous. Well, it is ridiculous, but it happens. I must say lately when I want to paint my nails I get stuck. I have no idea what to choose from, what color family I want to wear, and various other things. Then I remembered the beauty of layering polishes.

I think I may lost it a bit, but my very first real post on this blog was about layering after that i just kind of forgot about it. Layering polishes was something I did regularly. I guess I got caught up doing swatches of various colors that it slipped my mind. I must say layering has taken me out of my nail polish rut. There are endless combinations with layering. You can create subtle effects or completely change the look of nail polish color through layering. The sky is the limit!

Here was my most recent manicure using Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (I hope you're not tired of this one!) over Orly La Playa. Please excuse my little boo boo on my index finger. I had a hangnail :(.
Dear Sally Hansen thank you so much for this beautiful Hidden Treasure! I can't say that enough. What a great unique polish that I am so happy to have. This thing looks amazing on anything, but it was my first time trying it over a dark color. It really pops and looks great! Orly La Playa is an gorgeous dark blue creme too. It's a lovely combo!

Now as for layering I have tons of favorites layering shimmers and glitter polishes! I'm going to share with you some of my favorites. Since this is so many I figured I'd share you with the bottle pics, but please if you'd like to see some of these swatched leave your request in the comments! Let know what color you want to see and what color polish you'd like to see it over. You don't have to say a specific polish color to layer it over just say a pink,black, teal, light blue, and etc. I think you get the idea. :)

L-R: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Confetti Ice Ice Baby, CoverGirl City Lights, CoverGirl Crystal Mist, Sally Hansen In the Spotlight, Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
L-R: Pure Ice Spit Fire, Love My Nails Dazzling, Revlon Grapefruit Glimmer, CoverGirl Ruby Dust, Milani Disco Lights, CoverGirl Gold Rush, Sinful Colors All About You, Pure Ice Heart Breaker, Pure Ice Busted, Sinful Colors Frenzy

Do you like to layer over polishes? What are some of your favorite layering polishes?


  1. I haven't done many layers yet, but I got some nail wheels to experiment! Great post. :D

  2. I know what you mean, thanks for the tip :)

  3. I love layering. I generally change my nails every day but if I'm feeling lazy, I'll just layer a shimmer or glitter over top for the second day.

  4. I know what you mean as well, but I don't layer that often. If I do, I mainly use Nfu Oh flakies or sheer polishes, the CND Effects are great as well :)

  5. I haven't experimented much with layering at all but it's so graet to know you can mix your collection up and HT is just the buttercream of icings on the nail polish cake ;)

  6. I should layer but I keep forgetting. Thanks to you I just sloshed some CG Fairy Dust over a glitch on my RH middle. MUST LAYER MORE.

  7. I totally know what you mean, it's like we have so many colours it it overwhelming! love the mani, will have to try this out some time, I have both polishes.

  8. I'm going to have to try HT over a dark blue! I think my favorite layering polish is probably hidden treasure and Sinful Colors Hottie :)

  9. I'm a layering junkie, too.
    I've got two Melmer drawers full of sheers and glitters.

  10. Skulda- Thanks! Nail wheels would be a great way to test out layering.

    Michelle- That's a great tip I've done too. I don't feel like changing my mani, but want something different, layering is the perfect solution!

    Shiny- Nfu-Ohs are amazing! I've seen those CND effects too very cool!

    Freshie- Oooo what a great description of HT! Very true.

    jaljen- Yes must layer more. I love ChG Fairy Dust!

    Danielle- I think you're right it is just too overwhelming.

    Caitlin- Yeah you should try it! I need to find Hottie I love that blue glitter

    Paillette- 2 drawers full! I'd love to see your collection! :)

  11. I'm feeling opposite of you. I can't decide what to wear because I have so many ideas I don't know which to do first!

  12. I only have about 90 bottles of polish but I swear I can never decide what color to wear, lol.


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