Saturday, July 3, 2010

China Glaze Purple Panic

Today I'm going to show you China Glaze Purple Panic. I think this is very fitting for today because I am in a bit of a panic! I was chewing on something yesterday and then my tooth started to KILL me. I'm a afraid I may of cracked my tooth or lost a filling. Blah! Bad thing it's a holiday weekend and I'm literally going to have to grin and bear it until Monday. Second thing, I hate going to the dentist. It's one of those irrational fears. I'm the person who needs the laughing gas. I am royal panicking mess at the dentist. Oy...I'm not looking forward to the next few days. So, please forgive me if my posts aren't my usual cheerful self! :P

Also if you are in the Orlando area can you recommend me a dentist? My only dentist is the one I go back home to in Texas. I'm desperate! Thank you!

Purple Panic I'd say is more of a fucshia. It's a bright neon purple/fuchsia with a silvery shimmer. It's a great color! I actually like it way more than I thought I would.

Well, I wish I had more to say, but I'm definitely in panic mode!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Sorry to hear that! Orajel my friend. Dentists suck boo.

    I can tell how much you like this color considering the label is rubbed off teehee~

  2. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that!! I also have a fear of the dentist.. I feel really sick whenever I go and I have to have the laughing gas just for cleanings! So yeah, I can understand how you're panicking.

    I love that polish! It's one of my favorites :D

  3. i don't know a dentist but i hope you feel better! *mentally sends you some vicodin*

  4. Ahhh, I hate dentists too ! And doctors for that matter! They scare me >__>
    well, I hope your tooth is okay & you know, I actually cracked a tooth while I was biting on a SKITTLE! but luckily it wasn't an adult tooth!

  5. Sorry about your tooth> Feel better soon :o)

  6. I live in the Orlando area and Greenberg Dental is good, its a pretty large office (most of them) and they have a few locations. Hope I can help and hope you feel better!!

  7. Omg, I'm so sorry about your tooth!

    I hate going to the dentist too, even though mine is really nice and skilled. I haven't been in a year, and need to go soon. :(
    I hope everything turns out okay for you!!

  8. Great color on you. Hang in there with the tooth....I know it can be nerve racking and overwhelming and take care. ;)


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