Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chocolate Milk & Poo Colors?!?

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No worries this post is purely nail polish you will not see any poo! I have been lucky lately to find some of the Color Club collections at Ross. I was originally going to do the different collections in a single post, but 2 colors stood out to me too much from the Rebel Debutante collection that I figured they needed a post on their own.

Title of my blog aside, for the most part I really enjoy these little Color Club collections at Ross. They usually come with 6-7 polishes for a price of $7.99. That's a great deal in my book and totally worth it to have an assortment of colors.

On to the chocolate milk and poo! It's hard for me not to relate some sort of experience, story, memory, object, or etc to a nail polish color. I'm sure many of us are the same certain colors remind of us flowers or color of paint we used to love as a kid. That's just how my brain is wired when I see a nail polish color the first thing I think about is what the color reminds me of. Unfortunately, not all nail polish colors can remind me of pleasant things.

Some examples....

Color Club Charity Ball
Maturity aside, I have to say Charity Ball isn't the most appetizing color. It reminds me of poo. I'm some people will love this color and see it as a reddish-brown.....something? This just isn't my cup of tea. I don't understand how the name Charity Ball relates to it either. This color doesn't make me think of a ball at all. When I think of a ball I have to say I have to think of Cinderella..thanks Disney! I don't think Cinderella would be wearing a color like this unless her evil stepsisters slipped some laxatives in her punch. I understand this is the "Rebel" Debutante collection, but I think a black or deep color other than poo brown would of been more suitable.

Color Club Best Dressed List
Ok, this color isn't awful. I'm probably being a bit too harsh on this one. It's actually a nice nude, but more on the brown side. I prefer my nudes more pink. This color looks just like chocolate milk to me. I have no issues with chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is quite delicious it's just I don't know how I feel about chocolate milk on my nails. If it was a rich chocolate brown shimmer color I'd be game, but the pale brown-nude creme....meh. Also, again with the naming of this "Best Dressed List" I don't follow fashion much, but I don't recall many people on best dressed lists wearing chocolate milk brown. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. I tend to be clueless about these things :P.

I don't think these colors are awful or no one should wear them. I think it's just what they remind me of that makes it unappealing to me. I'm sure these colors would look lovely on some people, but I can't get past what I relate them too!

How do you feel about Poo and Chocolate Milk..-cough- I mean Charity Ball & Best Dressed List?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Okay, your poo colored nails made me laugh CUZ you wanna know how to improve the look? Maybe not really improve it but definitely add 'something' to it....matte those babies. Then it can look like 3 day old baby poo!!!! Waaaahahahahahahha. Thanks for the laugh, I totally needed it. :D

  2. I definitely won't be lemming Charity Ball but Best Dressed List looks like a nice colour. I'm all about any kind of nude lately.

  3. haha that's some deadly looking poo! (btw charity ball reminds me of american apparel's pinto - it's an...awkward color)

  4. Haha, this post is great. :) I kind of like Best Dressed List, but Charity Ball is pretty icky lol.

  5. I don't really like Charity Ball, but I like Best Dressed List and now I just want some chocolate milk!!

  6. I tend to call these colors "why bother" colors - as in, it's work to paint my nails, why bother using colors I don't even like? Nudes are way up that list.

    While Charity Ball doesn't quite remind me of poo, some other colors that other nail bloggers have swatched and were waxing rhapsodic over have reminded me of the unfortunate substance.

  7. I don't think it looks like poo.. I like charity ball.. reddish brown.. it's not just a boring red.

    I agree on best dressed though.. nudes without much pink in them make me a little depressed... "oh I have to go to work and I can't wear fun shades.." "I have to wear a bland color." work bland. work is depressing.. haha.. I'd rather go to with my natural nails.. they have more pink in them.

  8. oh and if you don't like the poo can i have it..? haha. I'm always searching for an interesting red/brown. lol

  9. It looks more red than brown to me, but it's definitely not on my "must have" list. And neither is the other - life's too short to waste it on nudes. :)

  10. The Charity Ball does look like a burnt red color. And actually, I like it better than chocolate milk. ;p Milk congests my sinuses though. So now we have poo and snot. =)

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!!!! I totally remembered. Its about lunchtime on the 19th here, so it totally counts. Lol. And you haven't put up a post for the 19th yet, but I will keep checking back.
    Hope you have a fabulous day and are spoiled rotten!


  12. Lacquer Ware- LOL oh making that matte would be scary. :P

    Michelle- Yeah I can see Best Dressed List being a likable color, but Charity Ball not so much.

    Mousie- I'm all for unique colors, but poopy brown isn't my thing!

    Freshie- I'd think the chocolate milk reference would make me like it, but I don't know I guess the shade doesn't really move me.

    TropicalChrome- I hear you, thankfully there were some nicer colors in this set that made it worthwhile.

    Pretty- I knew someone would find the beauty in this one. I wouldn't mind swapping with you if you want it? Send me and email and we can talk :).

    Megan- Yeah it's more red-brown, it's more like cartoonish poop color. :P Either way still ick.

    Kimberly- Poo and snot...lovely images :)Just teasing :P

    Rebecca- Thank you so much!! I appreciate the birthday wishes. :)

  13. My first thought when I saw these was, "... wow, those are certainly colors, all right." Then I decided they could be interesting franken polishes, either as a base or ...something. Because really, it'd have to help the poo... erm... reddish-brown one, right?

    I think the problem with the chocolate milk color is that while chocolate milk is cold, is drinkable, and has chocolate in it, this color is just... chocolate-milk-reminiscent, without any of the cold, chocolatey drinkability that actual chocolate milk has. You're left with the least appetizing part of it- the color.

    I think I might need to go to sleep. :D


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