Saturday, July 24, 2010

Intrigued by Ingrid

Let me start off by saying I may or may not be blogging for the next few days after this post. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to blog while they're here. They'll be here through Wednesday, I say all this, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to keep away from blogging since I love it so much. :) If I do go missing though, no worries I'll be back soon. :P

The color Ingrid comes from the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. I've mentioned before that I'm growing increasingly picky when it comes to nail polish. I tend to be more reserved than most on collections. A lot of polishes/collections people rave on I'm more likely to take extra time thinking about if I really like it. I know I'm probably overly critical, but when you're buying on a budget you have to be. Buying full collections is out of the question so it really comes to down to picking a few that I think are really worth it. I'm sure if I had a money tree I'd think of things differently! That being said I wasn't overly impressed with the Vintage Vixen collection. I saw a few colors I knew I wanted, but the rest to didn't strike me as really unique or original, except for Ingrid and a few others.
 Ingrid I'd say is a muddy brown with gold shimmer throughout. I'm guessing this would be called "greige". I can confidently say I have no colors like this. It is definitely that unique color I find "worth it"!

When I first saw a preview of Ingrid my response was "ick" and that I knew everyone but me would love this color. I couldn't ever imagine putting the color of mud on your finger nails, but the color grew on me. Even though I'm picky, since blogging I've been trying to venture out in to regions of the nail polish color spectrum I have easily dismissed. I've greatly expanded my blues and got interested in nudes, so this is new territory for me. I don't think you'll see me stocking up on greige colors now, but I do love this one. Now that Classic Camel color that's a different story. I'm still in the "ick" stages with that one and I don't see myself moving away from that. :P

What do you think of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection? What colors are you loving? Are there any colors you want nothing to do with?

Happy Saturday & if I don't blog for a bit I'll see you next week!


  1. I've been the same way lately. Just really picky about what I buy. I have to be really interested by it. There're only a few in the Vintage Vixen collection that I'll probably get, and this is one of them. It's weird, but also kind of pretty, haha.

  2. Yup, I feel the same about the Vintage Vixen collection; I only got Classic Camel and Ingrid. Classic Camel does look a bit weird on my skintone, but I love the color itself. And I love Ingrid! Such a beautiful color, despite it being muddy.

  3. I've been pretty picky lately, too, but I love almost all of the Vintage Vixen collection, especially Ingrid and Classic Camel. I have yet to get any, though.

  4. I thought I'd like Camel and Ingrid but it turns out I don't even like THEM. The rest is just boring.

    I really like the Halloween colours but everything else around leaves me cold - including Paradoxal.

  5. Love this color!! The shimmers really vomplement it :D


  6. Like you, I'm really picky about colors - I hate colors that come only in sets because I know I'll never use half the set. But China Glaze has my number when it comes to colors - very rarely do they put out a collection that I can skip entirely!

    Vintage Vixen is another where I love about half the collection. I am definitely getting Midnight Mission, fairly sure about First Class Ticket and Jitterbug, and I'm thinking about but not committed to Swing Baby, Bogie, and Emerald Fitzgerald. I am hoping someone around here gets them soon so I can see them in person - it often makes or breaks the decision (as it did with Retro Diva - I ended up getting a color I was only iffy about after seeing it online because it was so perfect for me in person, and skipping another because it wasn't).

  7. Classic Camel and Ingrid are the only ones that appeal to me, and I'm still holding off on buying because they will just end up as more untried polishes right now.

  8. being that i am a soil microbiologist this color would be cool just to have as a novelty but other than that... Riveter Rougue has my attention and i think it and Foxy would look just lovely on you too! have fun with the parental units!

  9. I'd love this colour for fall/winter

  10. I completely agree about being more fussy lately. Ive become the same way both due to a very strict budget and the fact that I dont want to have a stash full of colors Im meh about. The only one I really like from VV is First Class Ticket but I dont think Ill get it since I want Zoya Julieanne instead. I have a very similar color to Ingrid in an Aussie brand polish so dont have a need for it.

  11. Wow, that is a shade you don't come across often.

    Just wanted to let you know that at the store 5below, they care color club nail art polishes. They are 3 for $5 and have many colors.

    I love you blog and it gives me hope that I can buy cheap nail polish on a budget.

  12. this is the only one i wanted from the vixen collection! but i asked about it at sally's and they were so rude so i haven't looked for it yet :(

    ps. don't understand why people like classic camel's looks unhealthy

  13. Jean- Exactly, if it didn't have that shimmer I don't think I'd be son interested in it.

    Ping- My skintone is the reason I'm avoiding Classic Camel I think it would look sickly on me :-/.

    Zara- I think Ingrid & Classic Camel are probably the most popular of that collection. I hear a few others people seem to mention a lot, but those 2 most everyone seems to want.

    jaljen- I hear you. I think people raving about certain collections and colors makes me think the opposite on certain colors.

    Tropical- I understand. It takes a lot for me to be sold on a certain colors. I have to see various swatches or see it in person to make a decision.

    ABOP- Ugh I hear you. That's exactly why I'm so picky. I don't want to get colors that will just get tossed into the abyss of my other untrieds :P.

    Aggie- That's cool soil microbiologist? What a neat profession. I have a lot of admiration for scientific careers. I love science! I liked the reds in VV, but I have so many reds I'm worried that I may already have something siliar that's why I passed them up.

    Millie- Exactly! Isn't it it funny that one of the things we love the most is the thing we are the most picky about. I'm glad to hear that others are like this too! You have to be fussy and selective when you're on a budget and especially if there are other colors out there that can fulfill that lemming.

    Sara- I'm soooooo sad, but we don't have 5below here :( . I think that is store they only have in the Northeast. I appreciate you comment about my blog so much. It means a lot to me that I can help you find great polishes for a great price!

    Mousie- Aww I'm sorry about the rude people at Sally's. I know there are some people who have great sales associates at their Sally's though. I guess it's hit or miss. Yeah, I feel the same about Classic Camel it reminds me of eye crusties you get in the morning...gross I know :P but it does!


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