Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mega Lacquer Haul!

Hey guys!!! Sadly, my parents are leaving in about 2 hours :(. I will miss them a lot. We had so much fun shopping though. I wanted to share with you my my lacquer haul mania I did while they were here! :)

Ulta Beauty Gems & Ulta Glam Goth

 Utla: Essence
L-R: Hang Loose, Point Break, Pool Party, Plum Perfect, Glamourous
Aldi: Lacura
L-R: Rum Raisin & Sweet Pink

Walgreens: Eva
L-R: Kelly Green & Green Glitter
Big Lots & Sallys:
L-R: WnW Denim Chrome, Savvy Tangy Tarte, Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer, Orly Ruby Passion, Orly Royal Navy, China Glaze Golden Enchantment
L-R:  Glam, Peaceful/Confident, Fabulous/Funky, Flirty/Shy

That's it!! Swatches to come soon. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aldi has nail polish? WHAT?!

  2. OMGosh look at all that stuff!!! This tells me I have to go back to Claire's to see if they have that blue mood polish - WANNT!!!

  3. This stuff looks great!! I need to get over to Claire's and pick up more mood polishes.

    I went to ULTA over the weekend, but the Essence 99-cent polishes were practically cleared out!! There were no blues or greens, which was all I wanted :(

  4. Is Aldi's the grocery store? Nice haul. You have a lot of polishes they don't sell in my store.

  5. Aldi's??? Wow, who would have guessed!

    Girl, you got a serious haul! Whoot!

    Sorry about your parents having to leave. Sounds like you had a good visit with them.

  6. Zara- It's a VERY limited selection and it's only their beauty brand Lacura. They had about 5 pretty standard shades. I normally wouldn't of purchased that, but since it was an unusual brand I figured I'd try it. They were $1.50

    Deanna- I think I'm going to have to go back there again soon then. I rarely go there since it's way out of the way for me, but if those Essences are popular I want to get more!

    Enamel- Yeah Aldi the grocery store. Very limited selection, but it was interesting enough to try.

    Kimberly- I know? I read on someones blog they had their own brand of make up "Lacura" so I figured since we were in the area to go a check it out. They only had about 5 colors, nothing overly interesting, but it's a unusual brand I hadn't tried. It was a great visit. I will miss them!

  7. Lots of lovely colors!!

    Oh, I didn't know Ulta carried the bigger bottles of Essence nail polishes--will have to check for them next time.

    Thanks for sharing your haul!! :)

  8. Mocha- Those bigger bottles were part of a collection called "Surfer Babe" they only had four colors. Dark grey, aquamarine, magenta, and pale lavender. They were $1.99

  9. Yeehaw looks like you had fun ;0) can't wait to seem them!

  10. OMG! :) huuuuuuge haul!! I'm in two non buying months so... grrr :(

  11. I love Haul Pics! Orly Royal Navy is gorgeous!

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