Saturday, July 31, 2010

Essence Pool Party

 Today is my boyfriend's birthday! Yay. We are exactly 1yr and 12 days apart. I'm older. The day should be fun I got him a watch, a new mouse for his computer, and we'll be going out for dinner later. :)

Today will be some more Essence! Yes, I am still kicking my self for not purchasing the rest of that Surfer Babe collection. I am also kicking  myself for not purchasing more of the standard Essence polishes since they are only $1. I'm acting like Ulta is in some foreign country millions of miles away, and me and these polishes will be parted forever. It's just Ulta is in an area of town where traffic is insane and it's pain in the butt to get there, but I think I'll drag my whiny butt there again, so I can stop beating myself up about all of this and annoying all of you with my droning!

Anyways, this has to be my favorite Essence polish I got.

Pool Party
 Pool Party is spectacular bright lighter blue with silver micro glitter. This color is so fun! It has the perfect name too it looks just like a swimming pool especially when the sun is shining down on it making the water sparkle. This is one of those happy colors. If that makes sense. I don't think you could be unhappy wearing this color it's so full of brightness and fun. These bottles are so tiny though, so I think I may need to purchase backups. :)

Do you have an Essence polishes? Which are your favorites?

Happy Saturday!


  1. wow i love this! very summery and gorgeous! the glitter/sparkles are very very eye catching!
    HAVE FUN <3

  2. *whispers* i have almost all of the little ones. haven't been to ulta in forever i still can't believe we are getting the Trend Editions!

  3. Happy Birthday to BF!!!

    Would you believe me if I told you I don't own any Essence polishes? I look at them at Ulta, but none jumped out at me.

    Now that I see this cute blue on you, it is really tempting.

    If you are talking about the Ulta South, man, it is a zoo there. I don't know if it will be any better once they finish that construction too. I visit some clients at the mall and have been tempted to check out that Ulta. But there's one up here (it's busy too) and I don't have to deal with that construction mess.

    Go back...get some more Essence!!! ;)

  4. Thanks for reminding me I got this one as a non-tried. It's really pretty.

  5. I ALMOST picked this up today but refrained. So pretty and just a $1 rocks! ULTA is a very bad place for polish addicts.

  6. I really really almost got this the other day, I was holding it and carrying it around the store, lol! I did end up getting a different one and it is staring me down right now and teasing my OPI that is on my nails!

  7. Nice colour (^_^)

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  8. I got this one too! And I fell in love with it, it's such an awesome shade. I want some more Essences!

  9. Very pretty! I don't have any Essences, but I want some.

  10. I have 11 of the essence minis, LOL! The only ones I passed up were a gold, a pink, a dark red and white I think. LOL! Soo ... I probably have this one. I hope I have it, it's SO pretty!! The only one I've actually used is the super bright red one, and I LOVE it.

  11. Ooh! Pretty! I love blues and shimmers! This is a great colour, and if the rest of the collection was like this, I don't see why you didn't get them all! :P


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