Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spontaneous Saturday: My Blogger Nightmare

I just had the worst dream ever that was related to blogging. My dreams are really kooky and do not make sense, so bear with me. 

Dream start: 

I dreamed I was going to some type of beauty blogger convention. The convention had a ton of different seminars and such, and I wanted to go to a few. The problem was they were run by all of my current friends and past friends and for some reason they all HATED me. I kept asking them " What did I do wrong?". and they all just ignored me and blew me off. I had no idea why they hated me? 

Then it turns out that one of my closest blogger friends was hosting one of the seminars, and she invited me. I went into this room, and it wasn't like a typical meeting space. The space was huge it was around the size of an Wal-Mart but empty. The room didn't have rows of chairs like a normal meeting space, instead  the entire room was outlined with giant booth. There were probably like 500+ people there. 

The first thing I did was spot my friend who invited me, and she was really rude to me. She pretended she didn't know me, and laughed in my face. The seminar thing started, and we all were supposed to introduce ourselves and talk about our blogs. When it was my turn, maybe 20 people were seated listening, and all the other 400 or so people were fooling around, talking,  and some girls were fighting. As I started talking about my blog everyone was being so loud that 20 people listening couldn't hear me. I kept screaming at people to be quiet, but they all just laughed at me or booed me. My friend who invited me booed me. I was furious! When I was done speaking I wanted to try to find my friend and give her a piece of my mind, but I couldn't find her. When I asked around looking for her everyone just looked at me in laughed or told me to get away from them. Then I woke up... 

Dream end:

I really do believe emotions and actions and dreams do reveal a lot about feelings we are dealing with in the waking life. When I looked up the rejection in regards to dreams it said something along the lines of me lacking self worth. It also suggested that I might be lacking assertiveness and being overly accommodating to people. 

The latter line struck a cord with me on why I probably had this dream. I've been dealing with for the past month a swapping situation where I believe I have been swaplifted. Unlike, other people who just ignore you after awhile this person is stringing me along with excuses and admittedly has lied to me. They have also done something passive aggressive too. In turn, I have probably been overly accommodating  sympathetic, and allowed them to run the show. I have not been assertive and called them out because I've seen them be passive aggressive before. I am truly scared they will backlash on me and ruin my reputation. I have all the proof that would prove my side of the story correct, and I'm still scared. That being said, I don't want to get into more details of this swap situation. I have posted my full experience on one of those swap groups on Facebook. I'm not out to publicly humiliate someone on my blog, despite the fact they have screwed me over. 

I'm sure this is why I had this dream. I take so much pride in my honesty with my readers, and it would absolutely crush me if someone tried to slander me. The idea like my dream of everyone hating me, blowing me of, and ignoring me as person and as a blogger would be devastating to me. It's just my worst fears realized in dream form. 



  1. Oh so sorry about the person who swaplifted you !! :(((. And what a nightmare of a dream!! That sounds like something I would be dreaming about...
    I just gotta tell you: even if that person ever spread slander and rumors about you (although I hope this would never happen!!), we all know how honest and awesome you are, so nobody would listen to her anyway... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she realizes her fault and comes through with her side of the deal!!

  2. ^ exactly what Gosia said. We know you!! Hope she does the right thing... And if not, lesson learned, right? Xoxo

  3. That sounds like an awful dream, sorry to hear that you've been dealing with drama. The world is full of crazy. Sleep well knowing that your integrity is intact!

  4. gah, some people. :( Im sorry this is happening to u.

  5. What a depressing dream. With the ongoing drama, no wonder. And all over nail polish. So sorry to hear that. I really enjoy your blog. I tend to lurk and don't always comment though.


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