Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Badger Balms Review (Pic Heavy)

*I want to preface this with that all of the products I'm reviewing below were purchased by me.

Many of you have noticed that I've been posting a few photos of Badger Balm products on Instagram lately. I've also received many requests to review these. I want to say this is a detailed review. I feel with products like these I want to be as detailed as possible to help you determine if Badger Balm could be right for you.

I've been familiar with Badger Balm for awhile now, but I did not try the brand myself until about a year ago. I've really come to love brand. They are family owned company out of  New Hampshire, and everything from the product themselves, the packaging, the website, and the feel you get from this brand is great. Badger Balm exudes a very friendly, comforting, and approachable feel that I love in a company.

These are all the Badger Balm products I currently own. I have been using all of these at least a few times a week, and some of these I use everyday!

Before I get into a full review, I want to show how the product looks inside the tin.

These are basically what I'd consider a solid oil (mind you I'm not a skincare blogger!). The way to use these is to just rub your fingers against it to pick up product and then apply it where needed.

Cuticle Care (you can click to enlarge any of these photos)

I have been using Cuticle Care regularly for almost a year now. This is my favorite Cuticle Care product I've used. I find the texture of this to be very moisturizing without being greasy and it absorbs into the skin quickly. The scent of this is prominently lemongrass. If you're not familiar, I would best describe it as a lemon scent with some earthy and woody tones to it. I've had this for almost a year now, and I'm just now hitting the bottom of the tin with plenty left over!


The next Badger Balms I'm going to review are part of their aromatherapy line. I want to preface this part of the review by saying these balms will not fix any medical or emotional problems you might have. These are not substitutes for medical advice or attention you may need. I find what these balms and aromatherapy in general do provide is a soothing or uplifting response depending on the particular balm's essential oils and how they smell. These balms for me personally, help clear my mind, ease some uncomfortable feelings, and help center me.

Stress Soother

Stress Soother's prominent essential oils are tangerine, rosemary, and lavender. I find this balm really helps sooth the nerves if you're anxious, uneasy, or overwhelmed. I apply this to my temples and forehead. I think this also great just to put the tin under your nose and breathe in the scent using slow deep breaths. Stress Soother I find really does give your mind that little mini break it needs from anxiety and stress. This balm is soothing, calming, and all around helps me to relax. I keep this one handy in my purse, so I always have in on hand!

Yoga & Meditation Balm

Yoga & Meditation Balm's prominent essential oils are cedarwood and mandarin. I do not do yoga, but I do listen to guided meditation a few times a week. I find that Stress Soother and Yoga & Meditation Balm are similar as far as their effects. They both are soothing, but I find Yoga & Meditation balm to have little bit of brightness to it as far as scent in comparison to Stress Soother. I find that this has a bit of a refreshing and focusing quality that makes sense when partaking in yoga or meditation. I apply this one to my forehead and temples. 

Cheerful Mind Balm

Cheerful Mind Balm's prominent essential oils are sweet orange and spearmint. I swear around 4pm-7pm I hit a funk in my day. I'm not necessarily tired, but my mood isn't so great. I kind of get a little bit of the blues. Cheerful Mind Balm is perfect for this type of feeling. This doesn't cure a bad day or make sad feelings disappear. I do find this just lifts my spirits. The scent of this is uplifting and invigorating. I apply this like the others to my temples and forehead. 

Focus Balm

Focus Balm's prominent essential oils are citrus and ginger. This is a spicy scent, that really perks me up. I like to use this first thing in the morning when I'm the farthest away from feeling productive! The scent in this one is invigorating and helps to center my mind. I apply this one to my temples and forehead like the others.

Sleep Balm

Sleep Balm's essential oils are lavender and bergamot. I will say I do not have problems initially falling asleep. I can fall asleep easily...sometimes too easily! I have problems staying asleep, and even more so getting a restful sleep. I'm the type of person who will wake up in the middle of the night and never get back to sleep. I've found since I've been using this or the Night-Night Balm for the past month I've had restful and pleasant sleeps. This is a HUGE difference for me, and the only thing I've changed is using these sleep related balms. I really attribute that 100% to this balm. I apply this to my temples and I dab a little under my nose. I also to elevate this more apply some to my finger tips and get an lavender scented body lotion mix them together and use at as body moisturizer at night. This is absolutely soothing and comforting. I cannot speak enough praises on this one!

Night-Night Balm

Night-Night Balm is designed for kids. I don't have kids, but I've used this on myself and had amazing results. I actually had this one before the regular Sleep Balm. The main difference between these is the Night-Night Balm has a lower percentage of and a different variety of essential oils than the Sleep Balm. The main essential oil in both of these is lavender. I apply these the same way I apply Sleep Balm. I put it on my temples, dab a bit under my nose, and mix some with some lavender scented lotion and apply it as a night time body moisturizer.

I want to cover a few more things you may have questions about in bullet points. I know you've read a lot so far, so I want to keep this simple!
  • These are not greasy! I have oily skin, and find these absorb quickly into my skin without making my skin feel greasy.
  • These are gentle. I have very sensitive skin, and these do no irritate my skin at all. The balms I reviewed today do not have any tingling or cooling sensations. 
  • These last a long time and you only need a little product. All these balms have best by dates 2-3 years out. These will last you a long time, and they will not expire on you quickly!
  • I find these all work well too like I described with Stress Soother by holding the tin under your nose and breathing in the aroma using slow deep breaths (Cuticle Care excluded hehe).
  • These all also work as general moisturizers for your hands, rough spots on skin, and cuticles. They are multi-taskers!
  • Badger Balms are affordable! The ones I reviewed today run between $6.00-$10.00, and some of them have size options.
I think this covers Badger Balms. Badger Balm makes tons more products than I showed you. I know they make balms for headaches, sore muscles, after sun care, and so much more. They also carry lotions, soaps, and lip balms, and etc. I want it all now! 

I purchased all of these products on my own. You can find a very small selection at Ulta, but I really recommend shopping on Badger Balm's website where I purchased a majority of these. They offer free shipping on domestic orders $25+ year round! 

Be sure follow Badger Balm on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram too! They're quick to respond to any comment and questions!

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I also want to put in a good word for Bug Balm, it contains citronella and comes in a stick form for easy application. It is so nice to have an effective repellent that doesn't give you the uneasy feeling that you are absorbing toxic chemicals. And it smells lovely. I have been a Badger fan for years, but I see there are some new things to try!

  2. Great comprehensive through review. I love love love Badger products. The more I try, the more I love. I love the cuticle balm, it's the best I have tried as well. At first I was not wild about the scent but now I am so used to it and think it's really lovely.

    I just recently bought the sleep balm and the foot balm. The foot balm is wonderful and smells of peppermint. Loving the sleep balm too. Wish it was even more highly scented. It's a nice routine to get into.

  3. Great review! I want to pick a few of these up! :)

  4. Peace, Love & PolishJanuary 30, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    I really want to try that sleep balm! It takes me forever to calm down and rest before sleep, then takes me forever to just fall asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, it will take me another hour to fall back asleep soundly. Thanks for sharing these :)

  5. I've been eyeing the cuticle balm for awhile now! Thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks for the review! I placed an order right after I finished reading the article, all the products sound amazing! At first, I was preparing myself for a huge disappointment since I'm from Romania and I was suspecting that they wouldn't offer international shipping, but luckily I found out from their site that I could buy Badger products in Europe from

    I'm now waiting for all the products you reviewed here, except the Night-Night balm, which I replaced with the headache one. Thanks for sharing once again! :)

  7. their cuticle balm is probably my favorite cuticle product ever.

  8. Dang. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world that can't do lavender. It's not that I dislike the smell, but the real thing makes me sneeze like a cartoon character. The laundry soap aisle is no man's land for me and I'll never be able to visit Provence except in the winter. Woe, woe is me, lol. Fortunately, they have enough other things to try that I can drown my sorrows over missing the tangerine and rosemary one. The cuticle balm is surely a must try, so much less expensive and more easily carried without fear of purse disaster than that Lemony stuff.

  9. Great review! I currently own a few lip balms and the Sleep Soother (cause of your IG pics!) and the Stress Soother, and was quite surprised at how well the Sleep Balm works! Love that stuff!

  10. Thanks for the reviews! I always see these and think about picking them up, but never do. I also love how cute the pictures are on the tins. The sleeping badger is adorable and the yoga badger made me smile.

  11. A great review! Badger is such an amazing brand. I currently have the headache soother and the sore muscle rub. I've been thinking of purchasing the focus balm, sleep balm and cuticle care. After reading this review I've decided that I have to purchase them. Thanks for the great and detailed review!

  12. Ohhhh very interesting! I am always looking for new cuticle creams, etc.

  13. I need to try the bug balm! The mosquitoes here in summer are awful!

  14. Those little tins are lovely and very cute! :)


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