Sunday, January 6, 2013

Share With You Sunday: 12/30/12-1/6/13

Posts I'm Loving:
A Polish Addict shows us her New Year's glitter gradient.
purrrpolish shows us her nail look using Essie Fiji and Barry M Amethyst.
The PolishAholic does some comparisons with the NOPI Modern Family collection.
Wacky Laki shares with us her New Year's nails.
Dressed Up Nails shows us her blue and silver New Year's nails.
Frazzle and Aniploish shares with us some new nail polish displays.

Posts You're Loving:
Fanken Femme shares with us her first franken, Cosmic Checkers.
The Lacquered Lady swatches China Glaze Running in Circles.

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Reader Manis of the Week:

Name: Sara
Location: Mesa, AZ
Manicure Description: I wanted bold nails for my Vegas trip so I went with China Glaze Running in Circles then used an eye shadow applicator to sponge on CG Water You Waiting For. It was the perfect amount of sparkle and color.
Favorite Polishes: Zoya Zuza and Charla. DL Mermaids Dream. CG Glistening Snow and Custom Kicks. Blog:

Name: Cora
Location: Columbus Ohio
Manicure Description: These are my "Fuzzy-Flocked-Fingers" in hot pink. I use a base of Zoya; Ali, and while the polish is still tacky I sprinkle on a generous amount of loose flocking. You can find the flocking in a variety of colors in the scrapbooking isle of any craft store. The trick is to press the flocking lightly into the nail, to give it a good hold. Also, if you clean up the edges of your nails with polish remover, you MUST do that before adding the flocking, or else the chemicals will discolor it.
Favorite Polishes: OPI; Warm & Fozzie, Orly; Space Cadet, Illamasqua; Faux Pas
Facebook Page:

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I must say I am disappointed. I'm getting less and less link submissions each week. I am also having to beg for reader mani submissions on Facebook each week. I designed these posts for you all. I want to feature you, your nails, and your blogs. These posts are often how my readers and I discover new blogs :)!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for sharing my blog! Makes me feel all warm an fuzzy :) Look forward to sharing more in the future and of course seeing what you are up to with your blog!

    Franken Femme aka Becca

  2. Thank you so much for the share. Even though I'm a blogger sometimes it's hard to submit my photos somewhere else. Especially to a blog the size of yours. Thanks for running such a great blog.

  3. Oh Steph, I'm so sad to hear you're lacking links, I always check your Sunday post and I'm so happy to see sharing like this! It takes time and preparation all for sharing our small blogs! because you have a great reputation in the nail community and many readers, so it's great publicity!! I've already left my link once and I'm grateful you post it. Please, bare in mind many people take breaks at the end or beginning of the year and that might be the reason you're getting less feedback. I wish this won't make you stop doing this post because this is one of the most precious sources of new blogs for me too!

  4. Great mani posts this week!


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