Monday, January 28, 2013

Jindie Nails Pretty Penny

Indie polish and mainstream polish is absolutely killing me now. I swear I'm liking everything I'm seeing! The most difficult thing with indie polish is those brands that just sell out instantly. Jindie Nails happens to be one of those, and I can totally see why. There have been some polishes I've seen by Jindie that I instantly needed. That's how I felt about Pretty Penny, and I got lucky snagging this one!

Pretty Penny over Zoya Kennedy

Pretty Penny has has light pink and light gold round glitters, wine metallic, bronze metallic, classic gold plus gold shimmer and color shifting shimmer that shifts from pink to gold.

I used Jindie Nails' description for that. There is no way I could describe that on my own. This is a really complex and unique polish. This has a lot going on, but in a good way! I love the mix of colors, glitters, and shimmers in this. I used two coats here, and it applied really well.

This is the type of polish I'm hesitant when sharing because I know it's one of those that is harder to get. I read that Jindie Nails will be having a restock on Feb 6th, so that gives you some time to plan ahead if you really want this one! I did read this color with soon be available on Ninja Polish, and is currently available on Mei Mei's Signatures.

Happy Monday!


  1. I just got my first order from Jindie a few days ago, including this one, and I'm so excited to wear it now! I knew I liked the combination of pink and bronze, but there's even more to it than I realized. I love how you paired it too, Stephanie--the soft base really lets these colours shine!

  2. Mei Mei's hikes up the prices BIG TIME. I wouldn't buy from them. Have you purchased from them?

  3. No, I don't but it was listed on Jindie Nail's etsy shop as an alternative place to purchase this from so I included it :). I think they are out of Singapore thought and ship internationally so that maybe why they are more expensive?

  4. Love your Jindie Nails nails :) Perfect colour combo! I am in love with indies myself, although it is hard to get a hold of them sometimes....

  5. Yes, this is why they have to charge more :(. The shipping to Singapore is astronomical! They have to factor all those costs into their pricing. Jen from Jindie Nails here. Stephanie, I didn't realize you were in central Florida! I'm in Pensacola, FL!!! :)

  6. Oooo what a gorgeous polish! I love it!


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