Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sinful Colors Nova

The only reason I ever go to Walgreens is to look for nail polish. I'm a loyal CVSer (is that even term?). I get deals of the day in my email for products 30%-60% off. I get 20% coupons in the mail/email regularly. I get great coupons and and deals with the CVS ExtraCare Card. I definitely say as far as savings go CVS trumps Walgreens. 

That being said, Walgreens trumps CVS as far as the variety, selection and amount of cosmetics products they sell.  CVS doesn't have Sinful Colors, Wet n' Wild (at least the ones near me do not), and they never ever seem to get the new displays. I'm rambling. Lesson of the Day: Get a CVS ExtraCare Card and sign up for their emails. Walgreens has better nail polish though. 

Anyways, I went to Walgreens recently for the sole purpose of buying polish, and picked up this Sinful Colors. 


Nova is a deep inky blue jelly-like base with green/blue-green micro glitters.

This is a real beauty! This is deep and rich with just hint of a sparkly touch. I don't want to call this a full jelly because it is more opaque than most jellies, but it's certainly not a creme. I guess this is referred to as a crelly? This nail polish oldster is not familiar with the new polish slang! I believe this polish came in the Holiday Shimmers collection, but I found it abandoned mixed in with a bunch of random of misplaced polishes. Poor polish.

The application on this was fine, and I didn't have any real problems. The only thing I will say is make sure you're applying it in the same spot when you start to apply near your cuticle. You can see in my picture it does kind of fade lighter near my cuticle because I wasn't exact. I honestly think unless you're magical polisher with unicorn powers from land of rainbows and fluffy bunnies this issue is probably unavoidable. I don't think it looks too bad, but you could always clean up around it if it bothers you.

Happy Thursday!


  1. That's gorgeous. :)

    I agree, CVS has better deals, overall. Walgreen's has their Balance Rewards, now. To get their deals, you have to have the card, you rack up points and get money off. I saved five clams, the other day. I like that I get points for filling my scripts and then can redeem the money on makeup and polish. :D

  2. Oooooh O.O gorgeous! I love polishes like these!

  3. This polish reminds me of Cult Nails Living Water. I wonder how they compare

  4. Ugh I need to start paying attention to Sinful... The first sinful I ever bought (years and years ago) had a really shitty formula, so I always assumed they all sucked and skipped over them, but now that I've tried more I see that they're fine, but still skip over them for some reason! Me thinks a Walgreens trip is in order soon :)

  5. Want! Part of me is glad they don't sell Sinful Colors in my country. I would be BROKE!


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