Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Old School Edition (Pic Heavy)

You all voted, and old school polishes won this week's bottle spam! I have a poll up on the sidebar for next week's bottle spam, so please vote in what you're interested in seeing.

I put probably too much thought into this bottle spam. I was trying think what constitutes as an "old school" polish?

What I ended up doing is dividing this into 2 categories.

1. The polishes I've hung onto for whatever reason before I got in nail polish (pre 2008). All of these I purchased when they were in stores.

2. The older polishes I've acquired since being into nail polish. These all are not necessarily HTF, but they definitely are polishes you can no longer walk into your standard drugstore or beauty supply store and find. Majority of these I've found sporadically at Dollar Tree, got through swaps/blog sales, or ordered online.

#1 Polishes I've Owned the Longest

Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds-Peach Glimmer, Nina Ultra Pro-Bloodi Mari, Revlon-Get Reddy, Sally Hansen Chrome-Burmese Ruby, & OPI-Red Dazzle

Cover Girl Nailslicks-Very Berry, Sally Hansen Fire Opal-Amber Opal, Sinful Colors-Sagitta, & Sally Hansen Nail Prisms-Ruby Sapphire

That's it, well that's all I managed to bring to Florida when I moved here 2007. I know I had more polishes, but there whereabouts are unknown :(. It's interesting to see my color choices prior to my obsession. I liked lots of reds, magenta, and purples. There is a not a lot of variety here! There are no cremes either. I never wore cremes. I'd have to say the oldest polish here is the Cover Girl Very Berry. I have no idea when I got it, but it's old!

#2 Older Polishes I've Acquired Since My Obsession!

Cover Girl IceSlicks- Anti- Freeze, Cover Girl FrostSlicks-Goldfront, Cover Girl Crackle- Boo! Hou!, & Cover Girl Nailslicks- Midnight Forest

Naturistics- Galaxy, Naturistics-Icicle, Sinful Colors-Agaci, & Sinful Colors- Suede Shoes

Wet n' Wild- No Name Jelly, Wet n' Wild- Shameless, Wet n' Wild- Limitless, & Wet n' Wild- Black Ice

Max Factor- Vivid Violet, Max Factor- Pink Flame, China Glaze Channelesque, & OPI Glacier Bay Blues

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails- Dimension,  SH-Diamond Dust, SH Nail Prisms-Purple Diamond, SH Xtreme Wear- Showtime, SH Crystal Chrome- Peach Crystal, SH Nail Prisms-Ruby Diamond, & SH Nail Prisms-Golden Tourmaline

Maybelline Express Finish- Sand Coral, Mayb Express Finish- Turquoise Seas, Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Into the Sunset, Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Pink Fantasy, Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Firefly, & Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Dragon's Kiss

Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Brassy, Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds- Plum Solitaire, Mayb Wet Shine Diamonds Gems- Red Heirloom, Mayb Express Finish- Purple Aluminum, Mayb Express Finish- Red Aluminum, & Mayb Express Finish Glitter- Red Comet

Maybelline Colorama- Orange Spritzer, Cherry Pop, Burgundy Blaze, & Rose and Shine

Maybelline Colorama- Gives Me The Chills, Ruby Rays, & Frosty Pink

Revlon Top Speed- Solar, Revlon Color Illusion- Crimson Sparkle, Revlon Dark Pleasures- Scarlet Letter, Revlon Street Wear- Prince Charming, Hologram, & Psychedelic 

That's all she wrote! This is way more than I ever thought I had. I really miss these older polishes especially Revlon Street Wear. I remember having a few of these and middle school, and I have no idea where they went! :( In hindsight I'm sure all of us would of hoarded those polishes knowing how rare they are now.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Great post. I love seeing some of those old polishes. I wish I had saved my collection of nail polishes. But it's fun to start a new collection. 

    Love your blog

  2. Even though I didn't vote for this bottle spam this is still awesome! I love your bottle spam posts. I forgot what Wet n Wild bottles use to look like.

  3. OMG those bottles bring back memories! Oh and all those Street Wear polishes went into a shopping cart at Cosmetic Show in Manhattan ;)

  4. So many wonderful polishes! *drool* Glacier Bay Blues is so pretty, as is Ruby Rays. I love seeing old polishes; the old packaging and colour trends :)

  5. Ah yes.. I think we all have those memories of polishes we had.. where did they go? They didn't run out.. so what did we do with them? :(

  6. Street Wear was awesome! I loved all the eye shadows and lip-glosses from that line too!

  7. The Sally Hansen prisms and opals are AMAZING.  The one prism I have I got from a friend.  I was SHOCKED that she doesn't use it! 

  8. omg cg crackle! :) im glad im not the only one who keeps my old faves. i have some polishes that ive had for yrs that i cant toss.  this is such a good post, Steph!

  9. The one that caught my eye the most is SC - Suede Shoes.. how pretty!

  10. Omg, i still have my Revlon top speed in solar #350. Bought it in 2003 and 10 years later, it still is flawless. The perfect "special occasion" polish, understated gold with hints of purple, its like a cameleon paint job for cars where different hues are visible from different angles... Love!


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