Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zoya Trixie

Have you guys ever had some terrible nightmare, and it just kind put you in a weird funk all day? I had one of those last night and I can't shake it. Sorry, I've been MIA. I've had so much reading to do for school it's really bogged me down, but I am here now and have a pretty Zoya polish for you!

Trixie a true silver foil.

This color is bright, blingy, and you cannot get any closer to silver than this. The application of this was excellent too. This is as close to a mirror finish I think you may get with a nail polish. I'm more of a gold girl, but I can really appreciate this great silver! This was on my toes throughout the holidays, and I was very impressed. I think my toes may have blinded people though. :P

Happy Thursday!


  1. Gorgeous. This is in my untrieds. I will have to break it out soon!

  2. I really wanted Trixie, but I went with Luna instead.. this is definitely still on my list though, it's so shiny.

  3. Yeah, I also want Roxy. But I do have some good silvers so I can do without. Misa does a great silver. Dancing Queen.

  4. I've had nightmares like that - suck!! This, however, is a pretty color and should help take you out of your dream-induced funk. I have a Finger Paints color similar to this but the brush is so thin! Maybe I'll add this to my Zoya Exchange list.

  5. I love any bling polish like this! So flashy :)

  6. loooove Trixie! bummer bout the bad dream..hate it when that happens ;/

  7. ugh I hate when nightmares or just funky dreams in general put me in a funk. Trixie is soo badass!

  8. holy cow this polish would wash out my hands so bad but i cant stop staring lol!

    i have chronic nightmares from my anti-anxiety meds.. such a struggle but i def know what you mean.

  9. This is such a pretty color. Definitely a good Christmas mani.

    And I'm sorry about your nightmare! In my family, when you have nightmares, you're supposed to wash your sheets. Even if you just changed them.
    I don't know why or could just be a placebo effect, but I do find that it helps me have normal dreams again.

  10. ew i've had nightmares like that! not cool because they kind of linger... on another note this is an awesome polish. super flashy!

  11. Gina- Thanks!

    attackedastoria- I've seen Luna and that one looks great too.

    jaljen- I'll have to check out the Misa one. I only have 1 Misa polish!

    Megan-Yeah I think this silver is worth it!

    BeautybyBrittany- Thank you!

    Katrina- Thanks, me too thankfully they are only dreams.

    Let them have Polish- Me too, I felt better throughout the day until I got a headache :-/

    cathryn- I'm sorry about the chronic nightmares. I especially sorry it's your medication that causes you to have them. I hope you can get some relief soon.

    Chaos- Thanks! It's funny before reading your comment I washed my sheets anywho. I didn't have nightmares last night though so that's a good sign.

    Amanda- Thanks!


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