Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoya Milla

Have you all particpiated in the Zoya Facebook offer yet? If you "Like" Zoya on Facebook you have access to a code where you can get 3 free polishes and only have to pay shipping (US Only). You all will think I'm crazy, but I almost didn't even bother with this offer. Zoya has had so many great offers in the past few months I no longer had a wishlist from them! However, I decided it would be silly not to partake. This is a Zoya color I've taken a liking to. I haven't seen it mentioned in many other blogs, but I think it needs some credit!

Milla is a red-coral jelly with a cooler toned iridescent glass fleck glitter throughout.

I think this shade is a lighter/more orange/jelly version of Nidhi. They're definitely not dupes, and I'm glad to have both. Milla kind of reminds me of a frozen strawberry daiquiri. I love the combination of the jelly finish and the glass fleck glitter.

What Zoyas did you pick up or are planning to pick up with their special offer? 

I got LC, Audrina, & Crystal.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. well i picked edyta, kelly and kotori....had a hard time deciding which ones but i am happy with my choice :)

  2. I picked Ki, Yasmeen (which I somehow didn't already have), and Mimi. Sooo many purples to choose from!

  3. Really cute! I'm not sure which ones I'm getting yet, but I'm def taking advantage of the offer!

  4. Gorgeous! Similar to Nidhi which I have on now but you're right, not a dupe!

    I got Shawn, Adina and Zara with the offer!

  5. I do love a sparkly Red! I'm so excited about this promo. I got Ivanka, Ibiza, Crystal and Christina as an extra. Zoya is amazing for doing that and in general!

  6. I had a hard time getting the site to load and it was taking forever to put anything into my cart. Never fear, I used this time to check out swatches to narrow my choices down. I'm going for 6, as that will meke them all half price.
    I have Charla, Kylie, Salma, Tobi, Marcella, and Dovima.

  7. I had to have Charla, then narrowed it down to Adina, and Lisa. I also wanted a sparkly red and chose Lisa since that's the name of my first niece.

    It was so hard to pick, I also wanted Mimi, Jo, and several other sparkly reds, not to mention all the wonderful greens. Zoya makes so many beautiful colors that it is so hard to pick only 3!

  8. Zayra- It is really difficult to decide. You made great picks. I love Kotori!

    Nina- Nice purples. I keep holding off on Yasmeen, but I think I'm foolish for doing so.

    Leslie- Thanks! Yeah it's a great offer!

    Gina- Nice choices. I love Zara!

    Let them have Polish- You will love Ivanka. That is a great green!

    Kimberly- I actually do not have any of these. I have the Charla dupe in the OPI color.

    Donna- It's definitely hard to pick out Zoyas. They have so many great colors!


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